General Updates

Fall Agent Seminars – Available for Viewing

Did you miss our Fall Agent Seminars? You can find the link to watch the recorded sessions in the Select Health Link Agent Portal. Start at the main landing page, choose Agent Tools, then Agent Resources. In the search box at the top left, type Seminar. Click on the blue link to watch. Sales materials are now available for download, link sharing, or ordering through Agent Resources.

Wellness Rewards

Our members continue to value Select Health wellness initiatives, including the gym membership and physical activity rewards program that will be offered again for 2022. This program is available for Utah members on Small Employer or Individual plans and Idaho members on Large Employer, Small Employer, or Individual plans. We also offer similar rewards through the Loyalty Program available for Nevada members on Small Employer or Individual plans. Learn more by visiting

To receive 2021 rewards for gym memberships or physical activity, members should submit requests by December 20, 2021.To claim a reward, members can go to Rewards on the Member Checklist and click to Redeem Rewards to choose from several gift card options. If a selection isn’t made, a reward will be automatically redeemed, and members will receive a Select Health Visa® gift card after the new year. Questions? Call Member Services at 800-538-5038.

Please be aware that employers on employer group health plans may be required to report employee wellness incentives as employment compensation. Based on information in an IRS Advisory Memo, some believe that wellness incentives—in the form of cash or gift cards—distributed by an insurer to members on an employer group health plan should be included when the employer completes their tax reports.

Without offering tax or legal advice, we want to make employers and their agents aware of this so they can review the issue and decide whether to take action. We’d recommend that employers consult with a tax advisor.

Select Health will have reporting available upon request for any employer that would like to confirm employee wellness rewards received from Select Health during 2021. Final reports will be available after the close of the year. For those on Individual plans, rewards received may be considered income and subject to tax.