Commercial Plan Updates

Small Employer Helpful Hints

  • When submitting a group, be sure to include the state-filed wage and tax, SUTA, or DETR.
  • If you have questions on what is needed to write a group, please contact our Sales team at 800-442-5306, option 2.
  • If you’re interested in attending an Individual and Small Employer Plans new agent training to learn more about our products and systems, please email or call 801-442-1121.
  • As a reminder, Small Employer groups are not allowed to offer dual-carrier health plan options in the same service area. When this occurs, groups are at risk of termination or non-renewal. However, if groups have out of state employees, they may offer other carrier options to those employees.
  • Employees are only eligible when working 30 or more hours in Utah and Nevada, and 20 or more hours in Idaho.