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Short-Term and Limited Duration Insurance changes.

The IRS, DOL, and HHS Departments have issued a final rule regarding Short-Term and Limited Duration Insurance (our Transition plans in Utah and Idaho, and our Enhanced Short-Term plans in Idaho) that will be effective for new plans beginning September 1, 2024.

As a result of the new ruling, Select Health will be making the following changes to our short-term products:

Transition Plans (UT/ID): Policies with effective dates beginning September 1, 2024, will be limited to a 90-day coverage period with no renewal. Transition plans will not be eligible for reissue for a minimum of 12 months. Any Transition plan issued prior to September 1, 2024, may continue their coverage for the duration outlined in their original contract.

Enhanced Short-Term Plans (ID): Select Health will cease offering new Enhanced Short-Term plans after August 1, 2024, effective dates. The final day to submit Enhanced Short-Term applications will be July 21, 2024, for an August 1, 2024, effective date. Enhanced Short-Term plans issued prior to August 1, 2024, may continue their coverage for the duration outlined in their original contract followed by two 12-month renewals. If members cancel their plan prior to the expiration date, they are not eligible for an SEP. If a member allows their plan to expire at its contracted date, they will be eligible for an SEP. 
If you have questions, please contact the Individual Sales Department at 855-442-0220.

5500 Filings / Mineral.

Employer-sponsored health and welfare plans with 100 or more participants, and generally all retirement plans subject to ERISA, typically file Form 5500 through the Department of Labor EFAST system each year by the last day of the seventh month after the plan year ends. For calendar year plans, the due date is generally July 31. Understanding the compliance obligations, such as which form and schedules are needed and how a compliant Summary Plan Description (wrap) document (yes, we have a tool for that!) helps to minimize the number of actual filings to perform, are important facets of the filing process. 

The Mineral platform includes a compliance library with resources to assist employers in their Form 5500 filing obligations, such as:

  • ERISA: Form 5500 Introduction page
  • Form 5500 Filing video
  • ERISA: Form 5500 FAQs page
Although Mineral doesn’t perform these filings, their experts are ready to answer your questions and provide directions to all the resources available on the platform!

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Mineral's team of experts is diligently addressing a myriad of HR inquiries, spanning several critical categories. Mineral specialists are at the forefront, providing valuable insights and solutions in these top categories: Benefits & Welfare, Terminations, HR Administration, EEO Discrimination, and Employee Management. From navigating complex benefit structures to ensuring fair and compliant termination processes, the commitment to comprehensive HR support remains unwavering. Whether it's fostering inclusive workplaces or optimizing employee management strategies, Mineral stands ready to empower organizations with expert guidance and practical solutions.

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HSAs On Accounts, But Not Within Files.

Please make sure you are accurate in your selection of HealthEquity for your groups in Link. We are seeing issues arise where HealthEquity is not being selected in Link when it should be, and other times when it is selected and shouldn’t be. This is causing problems for our members when they want to set up a HealthEquity HSA, but HealthEquity has no record of them. Also, we have problems with the XML feeds for groups where our system shows something different than what is coming over in the files.

If there are questions about these files or enrollments, please reach out to your account manager or email