Medicare Advantage Updates

Medicare Book of Business Reconciliation

January is an excellent time to reconcile your book of business with Select Health by verifying your new and renewing clients who are assigned to you in the Medicare Member Status report. To access the report, please follow these instructions:

  • After logging in to the Link agent portal, under the Medicare heading, click on Medicare Member Status.
  • The report can be customized to search for a specific enrollment status and/or range of coverage effective dates. You may choose between PDF and Excel formats for the report. Be sure to select a date range that will include effective dates of coverage for the members you wish to view.

We’re here to help! If you have any questions or concerns, call the Agent Information Line at 800-442-5306. For Sales questions, please contact your Account Executive.

Medicare Member Status Report

The Link agent portal provides helpful resources to aid agents with managing their book of business. By using the Medicare Member Status Report, you have access to application status, policy issue dates, and more.

To locate this report, hover over Medicare on the main landing page of Link. The report defaults to Excel, but can also be generated into a PDF format. Adjust the effective date to determine the time frame of data you want to view. Using the Status drop-down, you can choose to view all activity or select a specific status. This report includes member contact information, ID numbers, and more. For questions related to membership, utilize our Agent Information Line by calling 800-442-5306.

Select Health Community Advantage (HMO-DSNP) Medicaid Plan

We’re excited to offer our new Community Advantage D-SNP Plan for members in Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, and Weber counties in Utah. This plan works together with Utah Medicaid plans and has the following features:

  • Premium is $0 – $42.90, premium is covered by LIS. Members eligible for full subsidy will still pay $0
  • $3,450 MOOP
  • PCP/SCP: $0 – 20%
  • Includes Silver & Fit gym membership instead of Wellness Your Way
  • Hearing Aids: $0 through Intermountain Health
  • Annual pharmacy deductible is $0 - $99 depending on LIS. Generic prescriptions are $0, $1.35, or $3.95. Copays depending on LIS. Brand name are $0, $4, or $9.85 depending on LIS.
  • Companionship Services through Papa Pals $0

You’ll find the Medicare Advantage D-SNP Benefit Comparison table in Link Agent Resources. This document must accompany the enrollment form when enrolling a client in a D-SNP product. Under Agent Tools, choose Agent Resources. Use the filter in the left-hand column to select Utah, 2022, and Medicare. This document is under the Sales Tools section. For any questions related to this plan, contact your sales executive.

Medicare Member Services Hours Extended

Member Services, supporting our Medicare Advantage members, has extended business hours to include Sundays beginning October 1 through March 31. Phone lines are open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. To contact Member Services, call 800-538-5038.