General Updates

Wellness Programs

Now is a great time to remind eligible plan members about our Wellness Rewards. Gym membership and physical activity rewards are available to Utah and Nevada members on Small Employer and Individual plans. Idaho members are eligible on most Large Employer, Small Employer, and Individual plans.

Please be aware that when employees receive wellness incentives, the employer may be required to report these as employment compensation. Rewards received by members on Individual plans may be considered income and subject to tax.

Additionally, members in Nevada on Small Employer and Individual plans may be rewarded for receiving certain health screenings and immunizations. Rewards will be redeemed on the same platform as the Gym Membership and Physical Activity Rewards programs. No action is required by the member to report these rewardable events to Select Health. Members on the new Signature Network in Utah have access to the new Loyalty program.

To learn more about Wellness Rewards and access updated tutorials for using the rewards site, visit or contact your Account Manager.

Link Agent Portal Helpful Hints

Remember to bookmark the URL page in Link only after you’ve fully logged in, including 2-step verification to avoid the “Forbidden” error. To enter the agent portal site, go to If you need to set up your PingID again, contact our help desk at 801-442-7979, option 2.