Commercial Updates

Small Employer Helpful Hints 

  • When setting up a group in Select Health Link, be sure to add the group contact information, not the agency or agency staff member, as the primary, billing, and HealthEquity® contact. Include the group contact email address whenever possible. The exception would be in the case of your own company. When the group contact is not listed in our system, we are unable to release information to the contact or notify them via email of any important plan information. We encourage you to audit this information and make updates through Link or notify Small Employer Sales.
  • Don’t forget about the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) available to all Small Employer and Association groups. These services are available for all employees and their dependents, not just those on the plan. Services include counseling, financial, and legal resources. To learn more, see the EAP services article or contact your account manager.
  • In rural areas in Idaho where mail is only delivered to a P.O. Box, Link allows you to list the box rather than the physical address. Having this information listed correctly in the system will help avoid returned mail.
  • Be sure to audit your groups following open enrollment and remind groups to perform a monthly billing reconciliation to ensure accuracy.
  • When loading a group, double check that the Tax ID/EIN number is accurate. Verify that the group name you enter matches the EIN number from their tax documents. This information is vital to the reporting we provide on behalf of our fully insured groups.

$0 Copay for Chronic Conditions Medications

We offer a new Chronic Condition Medications benefit for members with certain chronic conditions who are enrolled on Individual and Small Employer Plans (excludes Grandmothered and Association plans)—both Traditional and High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs). Medication for chronic conditions including asthma, diabetes, and COPD will be available for a $0 copay. To view a medication list, visit our blog.

Select Health still covers certain medications, devices, and tests with a waived deductible for HDHPs. Refer to the Deductible Waived Drugs & Devices Flyer on Select Health Link, under Agent Resources for more information.

Here’s a simple way to understand this coverage and how the two different lists work.

  • Pre-Deductible Drug List for High-deductible Health Plans (HDHP)
    • This list has been in place for a few years and only applies to HDHP plans. Drugs and devices on this list are covered at the normal cost share or copays, but the deductible is waived.
    • There are items on this list that are NOT on the new Chronic Condition list. The new Chronic Condition Drug List DOES NOT replace this list.
    • This coverage also applies to Associations plans.
    • It DOES NOT apply to grandmothered plans.
  • NEW Chronic Condition Drug List
    • Drugs on this list have no cost as they are at a $0 copay.
    • ALL Drugs on this list are also included on the Pre-Deductible drug list for HDHP referenced above. This means drugs on this list are covered at no cost before the deductible on HDHP plans as well as on Traditional plans.
    • This coverage is effective January 1, 2023, regardless of when the group renews.
    • This coverage is not available to Large Employer, Associations or Grandmothered plans.