General Updates

New Proxy Access Permissions

Agents can now add proxy access from their agent profile page. Navigate to the main landing page, click the agent name in the upper right-hand corner, click My Proxies and choose +Add Proxy.

For individuals who already have a login, simply enter the email address and their remaining information will fill in. If they need access to commission statements or Medicare Tools, choose the appropriate options and click Submit. For those who only need access to quoting and business management, choose Submit. Please note, proxy email addresses, names, and phone numbers cannot be changed or updated from this screen. For updates, please contact Agent Relations.

To add new proxy access for individuals who don't have a login, enter the email address, name, and phone number, then provide necessary permissions to commission statements and Medicare tools and click Submit. If the proxy individual only needs access to quoting and business management, simply click Submit. A popup box will provide a PIN and then they will receive an email. Make sure you provide the PIN to the new proxy to validate the setup. Please note, the PIN will expire within 72 hours. If you have questions or need a new PIN, contact Agent Relations at 801-442-4908.

As a reminder, agents will be required to validate proxy users annually. You can do this from the Agent Profile page.

Encourage Members to Provide their Email upon Enrollment

Members can maximize their health plan experience by providing their email address when they enroll with Select Health. The benefits of providing an email address include: Access to a customized onboarding video made just for them, member discount information, paperless notifications about claims processing, healthy living tips, and more. Visit Select Health Link to share this with your clients! Please help members add their email during the enrollment process or direct them to to create their member account.

Questions? Call Member Services at 800-538-5038.