General updates

Agent commission helpful hints

  • Contact our commissions team through the Agent Information Line at 800-442-5306, option 4, or by sending an email to
  • Our Commissions team stores up to 6 months of statements in Select Health Link. Additional statements are available upon request.
  • In order for agency support staff to request commission information, they must receive authorization through proxy access.
  • To set up proxy access in Select Health Link:
    • Go to your agent account login.
    • Click the agent’s name at the top right of the page.
    • Scroll to the Proxies section and select the +Add Proxy link.
    • After entering the proxy’s information, select their permissions, and click submit. If the proxy already has an account, enter their email address and their name and phone number will auto-populate.
    • New proxies without existing accounts should receive an email with login setup instructions. You will receive a PIN for the proxy to complete their account setup. The PIN is valid for 72 hours.
    • Reminder: Agents must log in to their account at least once per year to attest their proxies. On the Agent Profile screen, go to the bottom of the page (below the proxy list) and click the I Agree button to verify that the information and proxies listed are correct. If this is not completed annually, proxies will lose access to the agent’s account.
  • Commissions are paid based on received premiums. If premiums are paid after the first of the month, they will be included in the next month’s commission payment.
  • For Individual Plan members, you can view the payment status from the Member Search page in Select Health Link, or by running a book of business.
  • If you have questions related to billing, contact our Billing team at 800-442-5306, option 5.

Mental health resources

Every Select Health member has access to myStrength by Teledoc™ Health, a free resource with tools to help manage stress, sleep, anxiety, and much more.

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Weigh to Health

Weigh to Health is a CDC approved diabetes prevention program that uses evidence-based methods to help people improve nutrition, increase physical activity, and address weight-related health conditions. The program consists of personal one-on-one visits and small class sizes for more individual support.

  • One-year program with 16 sessions; the first 6-month period is followed by seven additional sessions over the following six months.
  • Three 60-minute one-on-one sessions with a registered dietitian nutritionist. With the help of a dietitian, you will set goals, review progress, and personalize your Weigh to Health experience.
  • Twenty 90-minute group sessions, with a maximum of 20 other participants. Group sessions cover everything from exercise and behavior basics to healthy eating and menu planning, plus so much more!

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Wellness rewards

Our members continue to value Select Health wellness initiatives, including the gym membership and physical activity rewards program. This program is available for Utah members on Small Employer or Individual plans and Idaho members on Large Employer, Small Employer, Association, or Individual plans. We also offer similar rewards through the Loyalty Program available for Nevada members on Small Employer or Individual plans. Learn more by visiting

To receive 2023 rewards for gym membership or physical activity, members should submit requests by December 20, 2023. To claim a reward, members can go to Rewards from the Member Checklist and click to Redeem Rewards to choose from several gift card options. If a selection isn’t made, a reward will be automatically redeemed, with a SelectHealth Visa gift card sent after the new year. Questions? Call Member Services at 800-538-5038.

For employer group health plans, please be aware that when employees receive wellness incentives, the employer may be required to report these as employment compensation. Based on information in an IRS Advisory Memo, some believe that wellness incentives—in the form of cash or gift cards—distributed by an insurer to members of an employer group health plan should be included in employer tax reporting.

We recommend that employers consult with a tax advisor.

Select Health will have reporting available upon request for any employer that would like to confirm wellness rewards that employees have received from Select Health during 2023. Final reports will be available after the close of the year.

For those on Individual plans, rewards received may be considered income and subject to tax.