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2024 Medicare recertification – product training

Our product training is now underway. Select Health will accept both AHIP and NABIP (formerly NAHU) for certification. The Select Health product training module is now available.

This module must be completed by all Medicare appointed agents to be considered ready to sell for 2024.

  • Both AHIP and NABIP (formerly NAHU) certification are accepted and approved for Select Health.
  • When beginning your certification with either of these organizations, choose to electronically submit your results to Select Health. There is no need to submit your certificate. You can log back in to either site to request the results be sent.
  • Please remember that you must complete one of these certifications prior to completing our product certification.

Product training must be completed by December 31, 2023, to be ready to sell 2024 plans January 1.

To get a jump on training, agents can complete product training in one of two ways, the choice is yours!

  • Option 1 – Annual product training is now available and contains plan details and benefit information for 2023. With our 5-star rating, there’s nearly six months of selling opportunity remaining.
  • Option 2 – Beginning September 1, 2023, product training will be updated to contain our 2024 product details. Agents can choose to complete the module now to satisfy the requirement and be considered ready to sell for 2024. New agents that complete the module will be considered ready to sell for 2023 and 2024. Agents who wish to view the module with the 2024 benefits can complete the module beginning September 1.

Please note: 2024 benefit information will be emailed to all agents who complete the product training module prior to September 1, 2023.

Remember, agents must be licensed, appointed, and certified with 2023 AHIP or NABIP certification training prior to completing our product training module. Contact for appointment.

To access the product certification through Link, follow these steps:

  • Hover over the Medicare tab on the main landing page
  • Choose 2024 Medicare Product Training to begin the module
  • At the end of the module, be sure to print and save your completion certificate for your records. You do not need to submit it following completion.
  • Be certain to follow directions while completing the module to ensure your training and exam are recorded.

Not appointed? Contact the Agent Experience team at 800-442-5306, option 3.

Register now for AEP events

All agents are invited and encouraged to attend our AEP Kick-off Events hosted in your area. These events will review exciting new 2024 plan and benefit information and provide helpful selling tips! Register here.

Obtaining approval for the use of Medicare card image from CMS

Select Health Medicare was notified by CMS on June 28, 2023, of the following requirement:

Third-Party Maintenance Organizations (TPMOs) and agents must request approval from CMS to place a Medicare ID card image on materials.

To request permission to use a Medicare ID card image,

  1. Send an email to the Medicare marketing mailbox at with an attached copy of the material showing the Medicare ID card image.
  2. Receive either an approval or disapproval from the marketing mailbox.
  3. If approved, send the same marketing piece and approval email permitting the use of the Medicare card image in a zip drive when filing in HPMS.

FOR TPMOs ONLY: CMS is recommending that plans add a disclaimer in the vicinity of the Medicare card image that indicates they are not affiliated or endorsed by CMS, HHS, the Federal Government, etc.

A missing disclaimer near the Medicare card image may indicate that the approval process was bypassed resulting in additional follow-up by the reviewer.

For immediate questions or concerns, contact Select Health Medicare compliance at

Welcome Chris Kelly as our newest Medicare sales account executive in Utah!

Chris Kelly
Chris has worked in the healthcare industry for over 15 years, starting as a health insurance agent in the early 2000s. He has worked extensively with individuals and families as well as retiree populations around the country as they navigate the complexities of the American healthcare industry. For the past 7 years, his primary focus as a Regional Sales Director has been educating employer plan sponsors about Medicare, Individual and Family plans, and remote disease management strategies.

Upcoming agent webinar: Papa

Join us to learn more about the Select Health Medicare Papa benefit!

All Select Health Medicare members have access to Papa companionship services for 30 or 90 hours each year, depending on their plan. Papa connects members with a Papa Pal who can provide friendship and help with everyday tasks, such as:

  • Friendship: chat, play board games, watch a movie, take a walk, or exercise.
  • Transportation: doctors' appointments, errands, grocery, and pharmacy shopping.
  • Technology: help with computers, smart phones, and tablets, as well as help accessing telehealth.
  • Home tasks: light cleaning, meal prep, organizing, and pet help.

Wednesday, August 16
8:30 a.m. PDT
9:30 a.m. MDT
Register for the Papa Webinar

On-demand webinars

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Five Star Special Election Period (SEP): The Select Health Medicare HMO plan was awarded five stars for 2023! This allows one additional Special Enrollment Period other plans may not be able to offer. The 2023 Five Star Special Enrollment Period ends November 30.

Select Health Medicare D-SNP (Utah Only): This is a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) specifically for clients who are enrolled in Medicare and full Medicaid. Clients are offered three additional enrollment periods, once a quarter, as their enrollment in Medicaid is re-evaluated. To learn more about Select Health's Utah D-SNP HMO product, click here.

The Initial Coverage Election Period (ICEP): This enrollment period is for clients who are aging into Medicare. Enrollment opens three months prior to the client's birthday month and ends three months after their birthday month, for a total of seven months.

Permanent Address Change (SEP): Your clients have an SEP if they move out of a Medicare Advantage plan's service area and establish a permanent residence in a new service area that offers Medicare Advantage products.


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