Commercial updates

Communication options

Don’t forget that Small Employer groups can “Opt-In” for electronic communications for new, renewal, and contract information. We’ve received a number of questions/complaints regarding the amount of contract mailing groups receive, especially if they offer multiple plans and products. These challenges can be largely avoided by choosing electronic communication.  

To opt in: 
  • Go to the group’s summary page in Link.
  • Navigate to the Electronic Communication Opt-In section and select “Yes.”
  • Download the blank opt-in form and send it to your group contact to complete and send back to you. This form is also available in Agent Resources. 
  • Upload the form under the same section in Link.
electronic signup

Small Group and Association renewals

Need to put a hold on a renewing group? Navigate to the Group Review page in Link and select the “Hold” button in the upper right corner. This will prevent courtesy renewals until around the 25th of the month prior to the renewal date (e.g., 5/25 for a 6/1 renewal).

Please notify any groups on hold that their bill will NOT be correct for the renewal month. Bills run around the 15th of each month, so it may take a few months for renewal adjustments to be captured. 

HealthEquity Health Savings Account (HSA) setup

Here are a few tips to ensure that your clients have a smooth account setup experience with HealthEquity:

  • When picking plan offerings, it is important that groups select HealthEquity as their HSA vendor in Link. 
  • Employees wanting to use HealthEquity as their HSA vendor must also make their selection in Link.
  • When Select Health submits a new group file to HealthEquity, it can take a while for the HealthEquity implementation team to receive and review it. This file will include the group contact information as listed in Link, so HealthEquity knows who to contact to set up a new account. NOTE: This file does NOT include agent information.
  • To ensure HealthEquity has your contact information, have your groups assign you as their agent on their HealthEquity portal. They will need your broker ID with HealthEquity to do so. 
  • Once HealthEquity has received and reviewed a group file, they will make 4-5 attempts to contact the group contact. If the group contact does not respond within these attempts, HealthEquity will stop reaching out. 
  • If a group wishes to reach out to HealthEquity directly to set up an account or ask questions, they should call the Employer number below.

Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) reporting deadline

In order to meet the requirements of the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) or RxDC, we request prescription drug reporting information from groups that were insured with Select Health at any time during the 2023 calendar year. We submit all data and required narratives on an aggregate level for the benefits we administer for our fully insured and self-funded clients. We are required to have this survey completed by April 27, 2024 even if a group doesn’t file a 5500.

Wellness programs

Help your clients stick to their wellness goals with Virgin Pulse!
The Virgin Pulse community allows members to connect with others, share successes, and find inspiration in each other's journeys toward better health. Don't let your clients miss out on our lineup of upcoming events, including virtual step challenges and interactive challenges, designed to keep you motivated and engaged. Healthy Habits Challenges focus on building sustainable habits that promote overall well-being because small changes can lead to big results.
Visit to learn how to set up and access a Virgin Pulse account.  
Visit to learn more about using Virgin Pulse to earn physical activity rewards.