Medicare Updates

Medicare Events

We’re excited to transition back to hosting live events. The following information will provide helpful hints as you begin your planning with Educational, Sales, and Personal (one-on-one meetings).

Sales Events
  • Formal Sales Event: Agents present an approved plan-specific presentation to an audience invited to the occasion.
  • Informal Sales Event: Agents offer plan information upon request while at a table, booth, kiosk, etc.
  • Educational Event: Agents present general information regarding Original Medicare, and may discuss specific plan information upon request from the attending beneficiaries.
Personal, One on One Appointment

These appointments are generally held at a home, an office, a library, etc.— locations where an agent may meet with a beneficiary for a one-on-one meeting. Interested or related parties, such as a spouse, child, or caregiver are welcome to also join. These events must be accompanied with a Scope of Appointment signed by the client.

Event Readiness

Here are some helpful items to consider for events:

  • Always keeps a Scope of Appointment form available in case a guest asks for a one-on-one meeting after the event. You can locate the Scope of Appointment form in Link under Agent Resources. An electronic option is also available as part of the quoting process and can be sent in advance to enrollment. You’ll find this option under the Medicare tab.
  • Have a supply of current plan-approved materials available for attending beneficiaries.
  • If you elect to have a small gift or giveaway, ensure you have enough for all who attend, regardless of their age or ability to enroll.
  • Keep the total cost of giveaways or snacks below $15 of the fair market value.
  • If using a sign-in sheet, it cannot be mandatory to complete.
  • Important Note: all Sales and Educational events must be hosted in a public setting with areas that can accommodate persons with special needs.
  • Plan-approved materials, forms, and sign-in sheets are available through Select Health.
  • Questions? Talk with your account executive.

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Medicare Website Address

If you have a website for your business, we’d love to see it. Please send your web address to: If you have questions about website content, talk with your account executive.