General Updates

Cybersecurity Helpful Hints

Cyber criminals are finding new and ingenious ways to scam and deploy malicious ransomware. Within healthcare, cybersecurity is seeing an increase in phishing emails. These targeted phishing attacks, known as spear phishing, come from information received through social engineering and internet research. Here are some helpful ways to protect yourself:

Be aware of what you're posting online. Keep information about your employer and workplace to a minimum.

  • If you receive an email that seems suspicious, it is best practice to not respond to or contact the sender.
  • When sending information containing PHI, be sure to send it securely or through the Link agent portal.
  • Ensure your devices are encrypted and keep your encryption password safe and secure.
  • Use strong passwords for each online account. Leverage password vaults for personal and business online accounts.

Remember, increased awareness and the use of good online practices helps keep us all safe.

Agent Resources

Don’t forget about the abundance of information that can be found in the Agent Resources section of Link. Under the Agent Tools heading, choose Agent Resources. Use the filter or search box for ease of navigation. You’ll find sales materials, member forms, helpful system tutorials, directories, and more! We've recently added Nevada Individual Plan sales materials in the following languages: Chinese, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.

Intermountain Health/SCL Merger

The Intermountain Health and SCL Health merger is official. For more information, go to

Contact Us

We’re here to help, give us a call for assistance! Our Agent Information Line provides one number to access Sales, Agent Relations, Commissions, and Enrollment. 800-442-5036.

Members can contact Member Services for support, including coverage and claims questions, wellness rewards, member portal assistance, or help identifying a provider. Members can call directly, or with an agent on the line for assistance. 800-538-5038

Member Advocates can help members find providers and schedule appointments. 800-515-2220

Agent Relations Team

Agent Relations assists agents with appointment, licensing, E&O, and Agent of Record (AOR) questions and changes as well as system access. 800-442-5036, option 3,

Stephanie Crandall
Medicare Advantage appointment / Medicare AORs
Chelsea Williams
Idaho and Nevada commercial appointment / Employer Group AORs
Kenzie Gray
Utah appointment and Individual Plans AORs

Individual and Small Employer Sales Account Management Team & Agent Training

Contact our Individual and Small Employer Sales departments for questions regarding benefits, enrollment, or general sales process-related questions. 800-442-5036, option 2. Agents and proxies can send messages to this team through the Link agent portal by using the envelope icon in the top right corner next to their name.

Contact your account manager for questions related to selling features, open enrollment support, or escalated issues. Contact our trainer for product and system training. Need to identify your account manager? Contact sales or Agent Relations.

Large Employer Sales

Contact our Large Employer Sales department about new business opportunities in Utah and Idaho.

Jason Littlefield – Eastern Idaho
Tom Allred – Twin Falls and Boise

Medicare Advantage Sales Account Executive Team & Agent Training

Contact our Medicare Answer Team with questions about plan details, enrollment issues, or general sales process-related questions. 855-442-9940

Contact our Medicare Advantage Account Executives for questions related to sales and marketing, compliance, selling features, or escalated issues. Contact our trainer for product and system training. Need to identify your account executive? Contact the Answer Team or Agent Relations.

Danielle Jones – Sales Manager
Greyson Howard – Salt Lake, Wasatch, Summit and northern Utah counties through Franklin, Idaho
Wendi Harpole – Utah, Tooele, central Utah counties
Jackson Linford – Southern Utah and eastern Nevada
Jackson Linford – Mesquite, eastern Nevada
Jordan Larrabee – Trainer (All states)