Same purpose. New look.

Everything you need to know about the NEW Select Health brand

Now more than ever, consumers are looking for a simple and seamless healthcare experience. Working together with our trusted partners—like you—we can deliver on that promise. Our new logo and color palette are just the first steps in this journey. We’re confident these changes will make promoting Select Health easier and more memorable.

How can “simple” be a strategy?

Time and again, our members have told us that healthcare can be complicated, daunting, and frustrating. By delivering a simple, modern experience, we can cut through the clutter and stand out from our competitors. To start, we plan to cultivate a brand identity that is immediately recognizable so that anyone shopping for healthcare will see our logo and think “simple.” From there, our goal is to grow stronger by expanding into new markets, reaching new members and providing a frictionless experience for trusted partners like you.

Why change now?

As we’re currently expanding into new markets, now is the perfect time to refresh our brand. This gives us a competitive advantage as we can position ourselves to address consumer feedback and needs head-on. Updating our brand is critical to staying relevant and reaching new members and is the first step in our plan to deliver on the promise of a frictionless healthcare experience.

What’s changed?

To start, we’ve updated our logo and brand colors. Not only will this set us apart from the competition, but it will also provide a visible connection to our parent company, Intermountain Health. Moving forward, we plan to continue refining our experiences to better serve our members and partners.

What hasn’t changed?

We’re still Select Health—our purpose and superior service have not changed. In fact, we’re doubling down on them. While our new brand may look different, our commitment to our members and partners could not be stronger.

Is Select Health now two words?

Yes. The word “select” in our name was originally a reference to consumers choosing health as an action or verb. Our new logo plays with the other meaning of select, as an adjective or identifier. As such, we’ve separated Select and Health, establishing ourselves as a leader in the health insurance industry.

Where did the checkmark go?

We developed many different logos throughout the design process based on what we heard from customers and our direction as a company. After many rounds of testing and evaluation, this logo was selected for how it conveyed warmth, simplicity, and support.

Similar to the word “select,” our old checkmark represented consumers choosing health as a verb or action. Our new icon plays with the other meaning of select as elite, superior, or premier. This is embodied by the diamond shape of our new logo, while its twin checkmarks symbolize supportive hands empowering our members on their healthcare journey.

Why were these colors selected?

Turns out, companies tend to group together when it comes to colors. Our new colors will make it easier for customers to find us in a crowd, and we are excited that our look is distinct from our competition. Additionally, we intentionally chose colors that are unique to Select Health, while also aligning us with our parent company, Intermountain Health.

What testing was done on the new logo?

Our logo design was informed by evidence-based research with current and prospective customers, providers, agents and other partners. The final options were evaluated against criteria such as ADA compliance, legal and trademark review, attribution testing, and perception studies. That detailed and thorough process helped us narrow the options for our new logo.

When can I start using the new logo? Where can I find it?

You don’t need to rebrand or update any materials at this time. We already have a team dedicated to implementing our new brand. They will reach out with a more detailed timeline to manage the transition as we move forward. Please don’t rebrand anything independently. This will help us ensure a smooth transition. What should I do with existing assets and marketing materials? Keep going with what you have. We are designing the brand implementation to be minimally disruptive, but it will take time to transition everything. In the meantime, you may continue to use materials with our old brand.

Will the Select Health rebrand impact agent commissions?

We took careful consideration with this rebrand to ensure that agent commissions would NOT be affected. More than anything, we want this rebrand to make your job easier. And we’re confident that these changes will help you promote and sell Select Health.

When will Select Health’s rebrand be complete?

Implementing the new brand will take time. All facilities, marketing materials, digital properties, and member materials will be released over time as part of our transition plan. This means you may see both our old and new branding exist together for a time.

When will members’ ID cards be updated?

ID Cards will be updated with the new brand this year and issued to all new and renewing members for the start of their 2024 plan year.

Does this impact Scripius branding?

This change does not immediately impact Scripius. However, we’re always evaluating our products and services, and we will keep you informed if we decide to make any changes.

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