Quality Provider Program

The Select Health® Quality Provider Program

The Quality Provider Program is an outpatient care delivery model that offers patients a collaborative relationship with a team of providers. This team-based healthcare delivery model is led by a healthcare practitioner and provides comprehensive and continuous patient care for enhancing health outcomes and patient satisfaction. Watch an introductory video.

2024 Programs encompass primary carewomen's healthmental health, and nephrology specialties, all currently available for Utah providers. For qualified primary care providers in Utah, Eastern Idaho, Nevada, and Colorado, we offer the Select Health Quality Plus Provider Program in conjunction with risk management .

Key program benefits include:

  • An extended disease management and preventive care focus
  • Increased patient involvement in healthcare decisions
  • Enhanced care processes through information sharing
  • Improved quality of care and patient safety
  • Prevention of unnecessary tests and procedures

The Quality Provider Program is an NCQA Partner in Quality -- a program that recognizes organizations providing financial incentives or support services for NCQA - recognized practices. Learn more.

To support clinics in their transformation to a patient-centered medical home care delivery model, Select Health provides clinics with enhanced reporting, a consultant resource, and the opportunity to earn quarterly performance payouts with an annual bonus structure.

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