Prescription Benefits for Chronic Conditions

New Rx benefits help cut costs for those with chronic conditions.

Middle aged man preparing prescriptions for a chronic condition at his kitchen table.

For our members with chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and COPD, the cost of prescriptions can put stress on a household budget. To help cut costs for our members with these chronic diseases, we have added a new benefit to our Individual and Small Employer Plans—both Traditional and HDHPs—starting in 2023. This new prescription benefit covers the cost of diabetes drugs, diabetes test strips, COPD drugs, and asthma drugs that are generic medications or at Tier 3 placement on the plan’s covered drug list, at a $0 copay/coinsurance.

What’s an Individual Plan?

What’s a Small Employer Plan?

What’s a covered drug list?

Some common drugs and test strips that will be covered under this benefit include:

Diabetes  Diabetes Test Strips
Acarbose Freestyle Test Strips Albuterol
Alogliptin Freestyle Lite Test Strips Anoro 
Baqsimi Freestyle Precision Neo Test Strips Arformoterol
Bydureon Precision Xtra Test Strips  Arnuity
Byetta Freestyle InsulinX Test Strips Asmanex
Farxiga   Breztri
Glimepiride   Budesonide/formoterol
Glipizide   Budesonide
Glucagen   Combivent
Glucagon   Cromolyn
Glyburide   Daliresp
Glyxambi   Flovent
Gvoke   Fluticasone/salmeterol
Humulin R U-500   Formoterol
Insulin aspart   Ipratropium
Jardiance   Ipratropium/albuterol
Jentadueto   Levalbuterol
Lantus   Montelukast
Metformin   Serevent
Novolin 70/30   Spiriva
Novolin N   Stiolto
Novolin R   Striverdi
Novolog   Symbicort
Novolog Mix 70/30   Terbutaline
Pioglitazone   Theophylline
Soliqua   Trelegy
Synjardy   Ventolin
Toujeo   Wixela


This added coverage will help our members on Small Employer and Individual Plans who deal with chronic conditions be better able to afford their critical medications. Taking appropriate medications for chronic conditions is a key to ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

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