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Quoting and Enrollment

Get quotes, browse plan options, and enroll—all in one place.

Quoting and Enrollment Tools

Enrolling your clients on our plans is easy and efficient with our quoting and enrollment tools.

SelectHealth Link

More than just an enrollment tool, SelectHealth Link is a seamless way for agents, employers, and members to see quotes, browse options, and enroll on SelectHealth plans. As an agent, you can:

  • Generate and email quotes for Small Employer plans
  • Help employers manage the open enrollment process
  • Complete and submit forms electronically
  • View contact information for your Small Employer clients
  • Prepare, save, and edit new and renewing Small Employer proposals
  • Submit final proposals for underwriting to SelectHealth for new and renewing Small Employers
  • Generate Individual Plan Quotes
  • Manage your Individual Plan Book of Business