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A robust network...and growing!

Providers contracted with SelectHealth Share pledge to:

Intermountain Healthcare and providers on the SelectHealth Share network are contractually committed to 18 points designed to create a better healthcare system, member experience, and member care.

  1. Comply with evidence-based standards and business best practices as defined by Intermountain Healthcare. Provider will contribute to a culture of continuous shared learning and improvement by participating in the development and adoption of these standards and practices and by identifying ways they can be improved. Best practices and standards may be developed within Intermountain or by regulatory and accrediting bodies (e.g., Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, The Joint Commission, National Committee for Quality Assurance).
  2. Participate in staff and department meetings and/or communications as specified by Intermountain.
  3. Provide complete, accurate, and timely documentation and coding of all diagnoses and treatments for patients. Provider and staff will participate in training to become and remain knowledgeable of the applicable elements of accurate documentation and coding.
  4. Treat other physicians, nurses, staff, patients, visitors, and facilities with respect, both in interpersonal interactions and in communications.
  5. Participate in compliance training (including HIPAA) as required by SelectHealth and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  6. Participate in hospital-required emergency department call coverage, as applicable.<./li>
  7. Employ an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that is nationally certified by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT) and demonstrate a work plan and acceptable progress toward meaningful use.
  8. Where clinically appropriate, refer and recommend patients to physicians and facilities participating in the SelectHealth Share initiative. Provider acknowledges that significant benefit accrues as physicians work together in an atmosphere of trust and common purpose. For this reason, as well as to maintain value for patients, referrals will be in-network for both professional and facility services unless there is a compelling clinical reason to do otherwise.
  9. Use its best efforts to have a critical mass of its practice at an Intermountain facility and to have a significant amount of its patients with SelectHealth to enable SelectHealth, Intermountain, and the provider to adequately evaluate performance.
  10. Disclose to SelectHealth and Intermountain any ownership interest in a healthcare system, facility, or any other entity that competes with Intermountain.
  11. Participate in relevant local value-improvement projects (e.g., QUE 2 projects), as applicable. Local medical staff and regions will undertake improvement efforts in specific clinical areas (e.g., minimizing supply cost in the operating room) and for specific case types.
  12. Meet SelectHealth access standards.
  13. Provide equal access for all patients. For example, if the provider's practice is open for new patients on one SelectHealth network, it will be open to new patients on other SelectHealth networks on which the provider participates.
  14. Provide reasonable access to uninsured patients. Intermountain will carry the primary accountability for facility services for the uninsured, but medical staff members will be expected to participate in meeting the need for professional services. Intermountain will continue to support and facilitate effective mechanisms to meet the needs of the uninsured through community health centers, volunteer clinics, and other community-based health initiatives.
  15. Accept accountability for performance on quality, patient engagement, and cost. This includes both a commitment to excellence in these areas and a willingness to participate in financial rewards (or penalties) based on performance.
  16. Demonstrate an interest in population health management as well as the capability to manage the health of its patient population.
  17. Share, and allow SelectHealth and Intermountain to share, performance data with Intermountain, SelectHealth, other providers participating in SelectHealth Share, and with patients. The parties acknowledge that this includes allowed amounts for claims but does not include billed amounts.
  18. Disclose, for review and approval by SelectHealth, all conflicts of interest.