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SelectHealth Share Employer

Predictable Rates. Guaranteed.

SelectHealth Share employers commit to:

With SelectHealth Share, employers enjoy predictable premiums and stable benefits. Our multi-year rates allow employers to focus on engaging employees in wellness rather than annual insurance plan meetings.

With SelectHealth Share, employers will:

  1. Offer an Employer Assistance Program (EAP) for mental health support. We make this requirement easy by giving employers free use of the Intermountain Healthcare EAP.

  2. Adopt the SelectHealth Healthy Living worksite wellness program, which includes the following:
    • An employer wellness council that meets quarterly
    • A employer-sponsored wellness reward/incentive for employee participation
    • A work-site health screening event
    • Physical activity campaigns
    • A tobacco-free environment
    • Healthy food options (if food options are available on-site)

  3. Participate in an annual worksite and employee engagement review with SelectHealth, which includes completing a worksite wellness scorecard approved by SelectHealth (such as the Centers for Disease Control scorecard).

  4. Promote the following Intermountain Healthcare and SelectHealth programs aimed at increasing employee health:
    • Intermountain Health Answers 24-hour nurse line
    • SelectHealth Member Advocates
    • Intermountain Connect Care (telehealth service)
    • Weigh to Health (diabetes-prevention program)
    • Healthy Beginnings (maternity and newborn program)
    • Tobacco cessation
    • Disease Management (for employees who need help with chronic conditions)

  5. Ensure that employee engagement reaches a minimum of 50% employee participation for the measured engagements. This percentage will increase to 60% and 70% in the subsequent two years, and will remain at 70% if a new three-year agreement is signed for years four, five, and six. Participation percentages are based on the total number of employees an employer has continuously enrolled in Share plans from the first day of the plan year through the end of the plan year. Measured engagements must be completed within the first 9 months of the plan year, unless otherwise noted.