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Meet the
Colorado team

colorado provider development director

JB Hensley

Colorado Provider Development Director

Responsible for directing the planning, development, contracting, and management of Select Health networks, including providers, vendors, and facilities. JB will oversee Colorado departmental performance, including operations, alignment, continuous improvement, and compliance. He will serve as the liaison between SelectHealth, Intermountain, and joint venture partners to ensure alignment and integration and will direct management of contracting relationships with key aligned affiliated providers and Medical Group providers statewide. JB is an avid fisherman and skier and enjoys traveling and exploring with his wife, Alex.

colorado provider development manager

Carly Stasica

Colorado Provider Development Manager

With over 14 years of healthcare experience, Carly will help manage several key aspects of the provider experience in Colorado. Her focuses include contracting and credentialing as well as working directly with both commercial and governmental providers on ensuring high quality customer service and access to Select Health’s suite of online provider tools. Carly’s passion is to problem solve and ensure that the payer experience as simple as possible for the provider offices and providers. Carly loves to travel and enjoys spending time with family on the weekends.

Fawn Batliner Network Engagement Representative

Fawn Batliner

Network Engagement Representative

Experienced in maintaining and expanding provider relationships and facilities in the Denver area, Fawn brings a wealth of knowledge to the Select Health Provider Development Team. Fawn will assist in contracting and credentialing efforts and will work to build strong relationships with all Colorado providers. Fawn’s extensive provider experience includes operations, relationship development, and practice expansion. Additionally, Fawn has direct experience on the administration side of several diverse clinics, giving her exceptional ability to help Colorado provider offices with several important functions. Fawn is excited to support Colorado providers and make working with Select Health easy and efficient. She enjoys outdoor hiking and biking with her fiancée.