2022 Winners
Box Elder Community Pantry
Brigham City

Mission: A community partnership ensuring that no one in Box Elder County goes hungry.

Fund use: Vehicle expenses for their Grocery Rescue Program.

Brades' Place

Mission: Offering specialized medical care for the whole child – mind, body, and soul – and supportive care for their family while living with serious illness.

Fund use: Program services preventing trauma turning to tragedy by increasing resiliency, wellness, and capacity to manage the stress of living with serious pediatric illness for patients, caregivers, and siblings.

Building Youth Around the World
Southern Utah

Mission: Working to provide underprivileged and under-served children and their families the essentials they need to live and thrive.

Fund use: To cover the cost of medications that are needed when their health team assesses and treats families on the reservation and to purchase dried foods to fill the Four Corners pantry.

Cache Employment & Training Center

Mission: Providing services for individuals with disabilities in order to maximize their vocational and/or independent living skills.

Fund use: Upgrades of equipment like industrial ovens and warmers to support their lunch program to support the amount of meals they serve daily.

Catholic Community Services of Utah
South Salt Lake City

Mission: To practice gospel values of love, compassion, and hope through service, support and collaboration.

Fund use: To purchase food and supplies for preventing avoidable diseases in children and pregnant women classes.

Education for Generations

Mission: To support underserved communities with health and educational need.

Fund use: Medical funds to help with costs of dental care, eye exams, and eyeglasses.