2023 Utah Individual ACA Plans

If you no longer qualify for Medicaid, don't worry it's easy to stay insured! SelectHealth offers both individual and family plans which can fit most budgets, and applying is a snap. So, give us a call today and make sure you and your loved ones stay covered!

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The SelectHealth Difference

We really are different, and it all boils down to you. Unlike other insurance plans, we really care about you and your health journey. We care about making sure our plans and perks and everything in between truly fit your needs. We listen, we adapt, we change—for you. We put our profits back into our plans—for you. We are nonprofit—for you. We align with the best healthcare providers, like Intermountain Healthcare®—for you. Our wellness perks and rewards aren’t an industry trend for us. Yep, you got it—they’re for you. Do you see a theme here?

Everything we do is for you. We care about you—truly. And that’s the SelectHealth Difference.


What is an ACA Plan?

Our traditional Individual and Family plans—also called Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans—offer comprehensive coverage for your medical and prescription needs. You will not be denied coverage based on prior health conditions and all plans offer coverage for essential health benefits, pre-existing conditions, and preventive services. And, if you qualify for a subsidy, you may save money on SelectHealth plans and benefits. In Utah, we also offer high-quality dental plan options.

Benefits built for you

All Utah SelectHealth Individual and Family plans include:

  • $0 out-of-pocket costs for urgent care, primary care, mental health, and nutritional support virtual visits*
    *Deductible will apply on high deductible health plans
  • Wellness Rewards programs
  • Preventive care at no additional cost
  • Health and wellness discounts
  • Member Advocates support to help you find doctors, make appointments, and understand services 

2023 Utah Plan and Benefit Highlights

Medicaid Transition Plan

This plan gives those who may be transitioning from Medicaid to an Exchange-based plan the opportunity to be on a plan similar to their previous Medicaid coverage, with a focus on a low PCP copay.

New Diabetes Support Plan

The Diabetes Support Plan offers ways to save on select diabetic medications, diabetic supplies, equipment, labs, and exams. Of note are some $0 and low-cost copays for PCP, mental health, and Specialist visits, Nutritional Counseling, and Diabetes Education Classes. Members also pay a $0 copay for some preferred insulins and other diabetes-related necessities; plus, coverage for an insulin pump is pre-deductible.

Chronic Condition Rx Included

All Individual & Family plans include generic prescription drug coverage to help you manage your diabetes, asthma, and COPD chronic conditions for only a $0 copay. Learn more about this new benefit.

Copay Plan

With our new Individual Copay plans, you have access to plans that have no deductible, predictable fixed costs for most services, and low-cost prescription drug coverage.

Lowest-Cost Silver Plan

If you’re eligible for a Cost-Share Reduction (CSR) through the Marketplace, this may be a good option for you. It offers all the benefits of a CSR (based on eligibility) at the lowest possible cost.

Your shopping checklist

Get financial help with subsidies

Save money on your plan with federal financial assistance, otherwise known as a subsidized health plan. Depending on your income and other criteria, you may qualify for an Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC) or Cost-Share Reduction (CSR). And with the continued increase of subsidy eligibility for Americans in 2023, even if you didn’t qualify in previous years, you may qualify now!

Verify your eligibility

Shop plans and enroll

Affordable Care Act plans are available to purchase via a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) such as Medicaid redetermination or during the normal annual Open Enrollment Period. Contact your agent, shop online, or call us at 800-816-4129.

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Our Networks

For 2023 in Utah we have three high-quality network options to continue to give our members choices that best fit their needs and budget. Review the network options below to understand what may be best for you.

SelectHealth Signature

This network offers SelectHealth Individual members a low-cost coverage option that provides access to more than 350 high-quality facilities and over 7,000 providers along the Wasatch front. In addition, this network gives members exclusive access to the Loyalty Program in Utah offering members up to $580 for completing a few wellness-related activities.

Available to purchase for residents of Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties. 

Search Providers on the Signature Network

SelectHealth Value

This mid-sized network provides access to more than 700 facilities and over 11,000 providers throughout Utah and some areas of Nevada. It’s affordable and offers expanded coverage for those who need a broader network. 

Available to purchase for residents of Box Elder, Tooele, Weber, Davis, Morgan, Salt Lake, Summit, Wasatch, and Utah Counties.

Search for Providers on the Value Network

SelectHealth Med

Our largest network providing comprehensive coverage, including access to more than 800 facilities and 12,000 providers throughout Utah, and in some areas of Idaho and Nevada.

Available for purchase statewide.

Search for Providers on the Med Network

Dental Benefits

In Utah, SelectHealth members have the option to buy a SelectHealth dental plan alongside their SelectHealth medical coverage. These comprehensive dental plans offer access to hundreds of providers throughout the state.

See Utah dental plans

Prescription Drug Benefits

Our Individual plans include coverage for prescriptions nationwide. Remember: your prescriptions cost less when you use an in-network pharmacy. And most preventive medications are covered before deductible on all HSA-Eligible plans.

View prescription benefits

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