Our Pharmacists = Savings

You get a team of pharmacists who work to save you money.

One reason we can guarantee savings: Each Scripius client has a dedicated team of pharmacists who work with area doctors to make monthly updates to our drug mix. We do this by regularly asking:

  • Is there a drug that has grown too expensive given market alternatives?
  • Are there better ways to adjust tier placement to encourage use of generics?

Our team is constantly analyzing market data to ensure the drug mix on your formulary produces the best results at the lowest appropriate cost. Let’s look at generic use—just one way our pharmacist team will impact your bottom line.

With Scripius, you get more generic savings.

Generic Utilization

In 2020, Scripius’s generic utilization was 1.6% higher than the national average.1

Industry estimates show that for every 1% increase in generic utilization, you achieve a 6% reduction in costs. So, a 1.6% increase in generic use means a $9.35 Per Member Per Month (PMPM) savings, or $112,193 annually for every 1,000 members.

With Scripius, you get clinical programs that work.

Beyond achieving a high generic utilization rate, our pharmacist team works to save you money in all aspects of your drug spend. They secure enhanced rebates and renegotiate network contracts, and they implement clinical programs such as our medication management, opioid management, and biosimilars programs. All in all, our programs equated to MORE THAN $47 MILLION IN SAVINGS.

Program 2021 Savings
Medication Management $16.9 Million
Biosimilar $2.6 Million
Enhanced Rebates $8.8 Million
Opioid Management $1.6 Million
Network Negotiations $17.2 Million
Total $47.1 Million


Have questions? Or ready to make the switch to Scripius? Contact your consultant or agent, or email us at GetSavingsNow@Scripius.org. We're here to help. We'll answer your questions and lay out an easy path to future cost savings and a better member experience.

1 https://www.statista.com/statistics/205036/proportion-of-brand-to-generic-prescription-sales/