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Benefits and Perks

Benefits can make or break a job. Get to know the range of benefits and perks offered at SelectHealth.

Work At SelectHealth

We hire people with a range of degrees and backgrounds. From clinical jobs like nursing or pharmacy to business roles such as accounting, information technology, sales, or marketing, you’ll find positions in many departments. If you’re interested in working at SelectHealth, apply through our parent company, Intermountain Healthcare:

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Benefits We Believe In

Working at SelectHealth comes with an impressive array of benefits, from health insurance to a 401K match. You’ll want to weigh these benefits into your decision.

  • Affordable health insurance plans. Choose from standard or high deductible plans to cover yourself or your family. As part of the Intermountain Healthcare family, you’ll have access to a large network of doctors, hospitals, and clinics, plus convenient options like Connect Care.
  • HSA match. Our high-deductible health plan for employees is paired with a Health Savings Account (HSA) account, and we’ll match up to $1,500 each year. Our employees are big fans of this plan that allows them to manage their dollars any way they like.
  • 401K match. We’ll match up to 4% of your investment in a 401K. 

Perks You Can Plan On

Our employees are the reason we can provide superior service to members, agents, providers, and the community, and we want them to know how much we care. Here are a few examples of what makes working at SelectHealth fantastic:

  • The FitZone. When it comes to wellness, we walk the talk. Employees at the Green Street building have access to an on-site gym complete with classes in circuit training, yoga, Zumba, meditation, and more. (We do require a small fee to maintain this much-loved facility!)
  • The Green Street Grill. Located on the Green Street campus, the Grill serves affordable hot meals, smoothies, and salads for lunch, as well as daily breakfast options.
  • Monthly massages. No matter how great your job is, sometimes work can be tense. We’ll subsidize the cost of a 15-minute massage offered by therapists on site weekly.
  • Employee appreciation week. Once a year, we celebrate our employees during a themed week with fun activities, food, and a gift.
  • Community service. As part of our mission, employees are encouraged to take four paid hours to give back to our community during work time.
  • Food truck Fridays. Most Fridays, you'll find a different food truck on-site at Green Street.
  • Relaxed dress code. We trust our employees to dress appropriately for their day.
  • Quarterly wellness rewards. Our mission of living the healthiest lives possible is always on our mind. Employees are encouraged to participate in quarterly wellness activities and eligible to earn up to four monetary rewards each year.
  • Maternity and paternity leave. For parents and babies, health starts at birth. We offer benefits for both moms and dads to spend time at home getting to know their new little one.

Winning at Wellness

Our mission is Helping People Live the Healthiest Lives Possible, and it starts by setting an example. If you read through the perks above, you got a taste of how we feel about wellness—but you’ll find that we incorporate it into our work life for a happier, healthier approach to work.

Intermountain Healthcare and SelectHealth employees participate in LiVe Well, a program designed to help you live a healthier life in five dimensions: happiness, health, financial security, connectedness, and engagement. Each quarter, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a reward by participating in an activity and viewing modules with helpful tips about these dimensions.

In addition to the rewards, community service, and gym benefits mentioned above, you’ll find other opportunities to be active at SelectHealth. Each month, the FitZone sponsors activities to get you moving and give you a chance to earn a fitness reward. You may enjoy using a standing desk or taking the stairs. Or you might find yourself participating in a 15-minute stretch in the auditorium, attending a lunch-and-learn about mental health, or walking outside with a company leader on a sunny morning. The culture of health is part of everything we do.