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Get up-to-date health advice, tips, and articles on topics that matter to you.

We create newsletters on topics that are relevant to our members, from those with certain chronic conditions to those just wanting to stay healthy. 


Wellness Newsletters

Get newsletters straight to your inbox on topics that interest you: health, nutrition, pregnancy, and more. Frequency varies depending on the topic(s) you choose. 

We respect your privacy and will not share your email address.

Keeping Well 

Get the latest member news and up-to-date-health information. Sign up to receive our free monthly newsletter. Choose from a variety of health categories, which you can change at any time.

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This Week in Health 

This Week in Health delivers the latest health news to your inbox every Friday. Covering topics as diverse as new research, product recalls, and lifestyle recommendations, this informative e-newsletter will help you stay in the know with a fresh look at the week's top headlines.

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Expectant mothers and fathers can also choose our free weekly pregnancy e-newsletter. Our Pregnancy e-newsletter follows you through the various stages of pregnancy, offering timely tips and articles and practical, interactive tools that can help take some of the worry out of this time in your life.

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New Parent 

As you'll quickly discover, parenting involves lots of questions—and lots of answers. Once a month, you’ll get straightforward information about your child's development, from newborns through age 3.

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El Embarazo

Este boletín electrónico sigue cada semana del embarazo. Cada número contiene consejos, recursos de salud y actualizaciones sobre el crecimiento de su bebé.

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Nuevos Padres

Este boletín electrónico está destinado exclusivamente a nuevos padres. Inscríbase y recibirá un número por mes hasta que su hijo cumpla 3 años de edad. Cada número contiene consejos para la crianza de los hijos, noticias, recursos de salud y actualizaciones sobre el desarrollo de su hijo.

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Health Updates

This newsletter is pretty important. It contains information on topics such as our Utah Health Plan Performance Quality of Care Reports, how to use your pharmacy benefits, where to get care, the appeals process, and much more.


Newsletters for Chronic Conditions

If you or a family member has one of these conditions, you will receive a quarterly newsletter in the mail.

Managing Asthma

Whether you or a child has asthma—or both—you’ll appreciate this helpful newsletter for those working to manage their asthma.

Managing Diabetes

Diabetes can feel overwhelming. Our newsletter provides useful tips and reminders for those facing the challenge of diabetes.

Managing COPD

If you or a family member is working to control your Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), we can help. You’ll receive a newsletter with articles and reminders to help you deal with this difficult condition.