forget the elephant, there's a tiger in the room

People often talk about the healthcare elephant in the room, but what would make you forget about the elephant in a room? Let’s say in the same room there was a TIGER! Now, that would get your attention real quick.

The elephant might be any number of things that seem wrong with healthcare: a lack of access to quality doctors, long wait times to see mental health providers, the obesity epidemic, or a lack clarity about prices and coverage.

But that tiger? Well, that’s us—Select Health insurance plans with killer benefits. Here are four ways our coverage should grab your attention:

Local providers are in your territory

CHECK OUR STREAK OF PROVIDERS: Doctors are important, since 93% of healthcare is done through local doctors, not at the hospital.1 Local doctors you know are in-network with Select Health. Compare our roster of doctors to those of other carriers and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You get fierce benefits

$0 VIDEO PRIMARY CARE AND MENTAL HEALTH VISITS: Most of our plans allow you to see your in-network doctor or mental health provider over video for ZERO dollars.2  Video visits are often scheduled more quickly, and you can connect with your doctor whenever you need to while paying less out of pocket.

The strongest in the jungle

GYM MEMBERSHIPS: Select Health will reward you up to $240 per person, or $580 per family, per year for your gym memberships. Get fit and trim on us!3

Top of the chain customer service

SUPERIOR SERVICE that eliminates confusion! When people call Select Health, they can talk to a live person in 20 seconds and 97% of their questions are answered on the first call.

Our Net Promotor Score (NPS), which measures how likely a customer is to refer you to their friends, is nearly three times higher than the national average for healthcare companies.4  One tech industry employee recently told our service team, “This is the best and easiest conversation I’ve ever had with an insurance company.”

YOUR HEALTHCARE TIGER: If you get health insurance through your employer, make sure to tell them you want Select Health as an option. If you purchase your own insurance, we are in the marketplace, so choose Select Health during open enrollment.


  1. [1] Select Health internal claims data.
  2. [2] Traditional plans cover video visits at a $0 copay. High Deductible Plans cover these visits at a $0 copay after deductible.
  3. [3] Amounts received may be considered income and subject to tax.
  4. [4] Select Health NPS rating is 65 with industry average at 24. https://delighted.com/nps-benchmarks, last accessed Nov. 1, 2021