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What criteria do I need to meet to apply for the award?
SelectHealth is looking for organizations and individuals that meet at least one of these criteria:
·         Promote health and wellness
·         Assist individuals with special needs
·         Create safe environments
·         Build strong communities
·         Support the underserved
Are there restrictions on how the $2,500 grant can be used? 
Award money may not be used:
·         As any form of compensation (e.g. salaries or speaker fees)  
·         New building construction (e.g. bricks and mortar)
·         Payments for rent, utilities, or space rental
·         Donate to another charity (e.g. re-gifting the award)
·         Payment of past debt
What can help my application stand out? 
·         Consideration is given to those who provide direct services
·         Services benefit local communities
·         Grant money is used for a specific purpose
·         The funds will allow a project to be completed
·         The grant will have a lasting impact (e.g. Consider a project instead of a one-time event, such as a fun run, race, conference, meeting, or training.)
Does my organization have to be a 501(c)3 to apply? 
No. Applicants do not need to be nonprofit organizations. 

May I nominate an organization or individual for the Select 25 award? 
A nomination is not necessary. Encourage organizations or individuals you support to apply for the award. Simply direct them to 
How many winners will be chosen? 
Twenty-five winners will receive the $2,500 award. At least three winners from four identified regions (see map) and 13 at-large winners will be selected.

How many applications will be accepted? 
We will accept the first 500 applications.  

Who will select the winners? 
Completed applications will be reviewed by the Select 25 committee, which includes leaders from the community, employees from SelectHealth, and representatives from our clinical partners.

If my organization was chosen as a Select 25 winner in the past, can I reapply for this year? 
Past award winners must wait two years before applying again. For example, 2013 winners will be eligible again in 2016.

How will the information I submit be used? 
Information submitted as part of the Select 25 application will not be retained or used for any purpose other than promoting the Select 25 program. 
Is the $2,500 grant taxable? 
Yes. The monetary award is taxable. Recipients must submit either a federal ID number or social security number prior to payment of the award. 

If my organization wins, am I required to attend the Select 25 awards luncheon?
Yes. A representative from your organization must attend the luncheon. A travel stipend is available for those who have to travel more than 100 miles. 

What is SelectHealth? 
SelectHealth is a local not-for-profit health insurance company serving members in Utah and Idaho. SelectHealth is committed to helping members stay healthy, offering Superior Service, and providing access to the highest quality of care at the lowest appropriate cost. Based in Salt Lake City, SelectHealth is a subsidiary of Intermountain Healthcare. For more information, please see our About Us page.

How do I apply? 
Complete and submit the Select 25 Award application here
When are applications due? 
February 20, 2017 at midnight. 

Whom do I contact if I have additional questions? 
E-mail us at

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