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We want you to be safe. Avoid sticky situations by knowing how scammers use phone calls, email, and websites to get their hands on your health and financial data.

How to Report Phone, Email, and Website Scams

What to do

If you encounter anyone attempting to gain information from you that you did not expect, please report it to SelectHealth. Call Member Services at 800-538-5038. This will help protect you and others that may also fall victim to these schemes.

Received an unexpected phone call?

Scammers may claim to be calling on behalf of SelectHealth and ask you to provide your username, password, financial, or other personal information. This is called vishing. If this happens:

  • Check the caller ID. Is the phone number associated with SelectHealth? This number can be spoofed, but often scammers don’t go to that extent.
  • Tell the caller that you are not comfortable providing that information over the phone and hang up.
  • Don’t answer or call back if they continue to call.

If the call is suspicious call Member Services 800-538-5038.

Received a suspicious email?

Scammers often send out emails, referred to as phishing schemes, with the hope that they can convince you to click on links or download attachments. If you receive a suspicious email that appears to be from SelectHealth but you are uncertain:

  • Check the sender address and verify that it is coming from ****@selecthealth.org. We will never communicate with members from addresses like Gmail or Yahoo.
  • Do not alter the subject line or any content. Forward the entire email to fraud@selecthealth.org.
  • Delete the suspicious email from your account. If you clicked on a link or downloaded an attachment, change the password associated with your SelectHealth account.


Redirected to a suspicious website?

Similar to email scams, scammers will leverage links within email and text messages to get you to click on a site or download harmful attachments. If you are redirected to a suspicious website that appears similar to selecthealth.org:

  • Do not click any links, download any files, or submit any personal information.
  • Copy the URL and [report it to SelectHealth].
  • Close the page.


Important terms to consider

Identity Theft is when your personal information is stolen and used to commit fraud and other crimes. Thieves most commonly use stolen personal information to obtain credit, file false tax returns, or to benefit from fraudulent medical services or billing.

Phishing is an illegal and fraudulent practice of sending emails and text messages appearing to be from legitimate organizations in attempt to trick individuals to reveal personal information such as passwords, social security numbers, credit cards, account numbers, etc.

Vishing is similar to phishing but is done over the phone. Scammers will use fear and urgency to compel and manipulate individuals to divulge personal passwords, social security numbers, credit cards, account numbers, etc.

If you feel like your account with SelectHealth has been compromised, please contact Member Services.

Thank you for being vigilant and alerting SelectHealth about any scam or attempt to harm our members.