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Managing your family’s prescriptions is easy with My Health, our secure member website. Log in to access prescription drug history, claims, lower-cost alternatives, refill reminders, and a pharmacy locator. 

We offer two prescription drug lists, and we make it convenient to fill your prescriptions through a network of more than 36,000 pharmacy locations nationwide.

Find a Pharmacy

You may be able to lower your out-of-pocket pharmacy costs with our 90-day maintenance drug and GenericSample programs. 

  • Retail90 allows you to fill a three-month supply of your prescription at participating pharmacies. This option may not be available on all plans.
  • GenericSample fills select generic drugs one time for free at participating pharmacies.  
Some drugs have special requirements that must be met before we will cover them, such as step therapy or preauthorization.

Prescription Reimbursement

If you use a nonparticipating pharmacy, you may pay full price for the drug. To be reimbursed, submit your receipt along with one of the following forms:

Prescription Reimbursement Form

Formulario de Reembolso por Receta Médica – Español