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Reaching for Tissues? It Could Be Hay Fever

SelectHealth Staff

If your eyes are watery and you’ve been sneezing lately, you just might have hay fever. Here are the possible causes and ways to find relief. 

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Healthy Living

6 Things to Do in the Morning to Have a Successful Day

Megan Miller

Starting your morning right is your best bet to having a successful day—no matter what life decides to throw at you.

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Healthy Living

4 Ways to Practice Self-Love

Chakell Wardleigh

We spend so much time loving others and not enough loving ourselves.  

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In the Community

How to Prepare for an Earthquake

Sandy Patton

Are you prepared for an emergency like an earthquake? Here’s a list of supplies to gather in case of any emergency and how to seek shelter. 

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Nutrition and Diet

Light Lemon Bars Recipe

Mary Ross

In the mood for a light, refreshing spring dessert? These luscious lemon bars are guaranteed to hit the spot. All the lemon, none of the guilt!

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