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Taking Medications Exactly as Prescribed

It’s important to take medications as they’re prescribed. Here are some recommendations on how to keep track of your prescriptions.

Medication adherence, pill box 

Prescriptions medications should help you feel better and help your body work better. They work best when you to take them exactly as prescribed. But it can be hard to remember when and how to take them—the tips below can help.


Use a weekly pill box

If you take medications at different times of the day, make sure the pill box has multiple spots for each day.  

Get your medications packaged at a pharmacy

Ask your pharmacy to group your medications together based on the time of day you take them.  

Ask your pharmacy to sync your prescriptions so they are refilled at the same time. This can save you trips to the pharmacy.

Use a calendar and write down the day, time, and dose of each medication

This can help you keep track of medications you take once a week, once a month, or for a short time (such as an antibiotic). Put a reminder note to refill your prescription on your calendar 1 week before the medication is due to run out.

Ask your family or friends for help with making a schedule and reminders.

Match your medication schedule with your daily routine, such as eating meals, going to bed, and brushing your teeth.

Use reminder notes and alarms

Put a reminder note on your refrigerator, phone, medicine cabinet, or bathroom mirror. Set an alarm on your phone, computer calendar, or voicemail system to remind you when it’s time to take your medications or order a refill.

Ask your pharmacy if they can send you refill reminders one to two weeks before you are scheduled to run out.

Use an app (electronic application) on your smart phone, computer, or tablet to keep track of your medication schedule.

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