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Why Spending Time with Your Family Is More Important Than You Might Think

There are tons of benefits that come from connecting with your family, including improving your mental health.

Family time, mom and kids spending time together on the lake

When was the last time you spent time with your family? I don’t mean sitting in silence and watching TV together all while scrolling social media on your tablets. That doesn’t count. I mean actually spending time with them, as in having good conversations and feeling connected to your loved ones.

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If it’s been a while since you’ve felt that deep familial bond, perhaps learning about the importance of family connection will motivate you to set aside some quality time to spend with them.

Here are 5 reasons why spending time with your family is so important:


1. You strengthen your family bond

Family is all about belonging and being a part of something. There is power in family ties. When you spend time with the people who love you most, you feel a sense of security that you can turn to them for support any time.

2. You deepen individual relationships

Your family members can truly become your closest friends when you take the time to genuinely connect with them. And who's more trustworthy and dependable than a friend who is also a family member? Shared experiences and upbringing make that friendship all the more...special.

3. You create memories

The pleasant memories you make with your loved ones are priceless. They can act as something you can always look back on with complete happiness.

4. You boost your mental and emotional health

Few things are more therapeutic than being surrounded by people who shower you with love and affection. In fact, when you truly connect and socialize face-to-face with loved ones, it can reduce your risk for depression. Pretty neat, right? 

5. You establish family values

When your family spends quality time together, you all stay on the same page when it comes to good values and standards. Positive family values can help build a healthy self-esteem and confidence. Who needs a positive image boost? Count me in! 

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Now, we’ve talked about the importance of spending time as a family, but what happens if it’s hard to find extra time in your busy schedule to set aside for them? Never fear! Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Have dinner together often.
  • Ask your family members to run errands with you.
  • Call loved ones you don’t see often.
  • Have a family game night once a month.
  • Leave kind notes for them when you’re busy.
  • Prioritize. You can always make time for what’s most important.

You probably have other things you like to do as a family, and there is no wrong answer with how you spend your time together. After all, you’ll never regret time spent together.  

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