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How to Find the Right Workout for You

If you’re convinced you hate to work out, maybe the issue is that you haven’t found the right type of workout. Here are some options for every complaint.

Which workout is right for you? Image of chalkboard and weights. Have results, not excuses.

If you’ve ever heard a kid complain that he hates reading, odds are that that kid’s been forced to read books he’s not interested in. The same goes for working out: if you hate exercising, you just haven’t found the right type for you. We’ve ordered these recommendations based on excuses, so find one that sounds like you and check out the recommended workout.

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“It’s boring.”

If your workout is boring, you’re not going to exercise. Try circuit training. You won’t have time to get bored with an exercise before moving on to something different.

“I don’t like other people.”

So don’t work out with people. Stay home and do body resistance training; it doesn’t require any equipment besides your own body and you won’t have to talk to anyone.

“I don’t want to get bulky.”

Try a workout that tones instead of a workout meant to build strength. Pilates is a great option.

“I don’t have any time.”

Ah yes, the ubiquitous excuse. If you have five minutes, you can do a workout. Check out this list of super fast workouts.

“I don’t like gym culture.”

Try a Spin class. You can be in and done with class in an hour and avoid the rest of the gym entirely. And you’ll burn major calories.

“I need motivation.”

Crossfit® has you covered. Each “box” is like a mini family of supportive folks. It’s intense, but stick with it for best results.

“I don’t know how to lift weights.”

If you want to build muscle, but don’t have a spotter or don’t know how to use weights properly,TRX® is where it’s at for you.

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“I just don’t like working out.”

Then do workouts that aren’t workouts. Join a dance class, sign up for water running, or try aerial yoga. Anything can be a good cardiovascular workout if you rev up the intensity—you could even turn your walk around the park into a power walk that burns more calories than your regular stroll. 

Still not sure what to do? Most gyms offer 30-day trial periods. Try different gyms and different workouts before committing to anything. You’ll find something that resonates with you eventually, and when you do, you’ll have no more excuses.



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