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Effective Ways To Workout At Work—Part 2

Don’t have time to hit the gym or exercise every day? These workouts will help you increase activity while on the job.

We recently published part one of this series. But we happen to think this is a really important topic, given that many of us sit in cubicles at work all day. Here are several more tips to help you get up from your desk and stay active.

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1. Air squats galore


Want to feel a quick burn? Air squats are a great way to strengthen your legs and get some blood flowing.


2. Reach for the sky

Stand up and start stretching. Do this a few times each day, and you may think you’ve been drinking from the Fountain of Youth. No promises, though.



3. Master of the stairs


Taking the stairs several times during the day may lead to bulging calf muscles and better health. At the very least, it will get your heart pumping!


4. Push off

Your mom probably taught you as a kid not to push, which we support. But in this case, it’s totally appropriate. One, you’ll get stronger. Two, lucky for you, the wall won’t push back. So go ahead, see how many wall push-ups you can do.


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