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Over-the-Counter Benefit

Who doesn’t use some kind of Over-the-counter (OTC) medication or product? That’s why we offer our SelectHealth Advantage (HMO, HMO-SNP) members in Utah and Nevada an OTC benefit with your plan.

This benefit allows you to buy $50 worth of OTC products each quarter, totaling $200 every year. So, what kind of products count as OTC?

> Pain relievers

> Vitamins and minerals (e.g., fish oil, calcium, multivitamins)

> Bandages and antibiotic ointment

> Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss

> Cough drops

> Cotton swabs

> Antacids

> Lotion

> Eye drops

> First aid supplies

…and many more! Check out the product guide at the links below.


Over-the-Counter (OTC) Product Guide


Ready to shop? Choose the items you’d like from the product guide, then order using one of these easy options:



Online Over-the-Counter (OTC) Product Order Form


By Mail:
Over-the-Counter (OTC) Product Order Form



855-626-4667 (TTY: 711), Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. MST.


If you use an order form, keep in mind that your order will be processed in the month we receive the form. So, if you send us your order form on June 29, but we receive it July 1, your order will count towards the third quarter total, not the second quarter total. Quarterly amounts do not roll-over to the next quarter.