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All Course Materials

TitlePublishedSubmitterCreatedLast Modified
Test Learning MaterialYesJason E. Hunt09/27/201209/14/2012
Medicare Compliance Oversight: Targeting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (For MA Agents) YesKristen K. Bowles08/07/201309/18/2012
Test Test TestNoJason E. Hunt09/27/201209/27/2012
Welcome to SelectHealth - Idaho Agent Quick Start Module 1YesKristen K. Bowles10/05/201210/05/2012
Employer Sponsored Plans - Idaho Agent Quick Start Module 2YesKristen K. Bowles10/12/201210/12/2012
Individual and Family Plans - Idaho Agent Quick Start Module 3YesKristen K. Bowles10/12/201210/12/2012
Agent Code of Ethics and Business Processes - Idaho Agent Quick Start Module 4YesKristen K. Bowles10/12/201210/12/2012
Avenue H Health Insurance MarketplaceYesKristen K. Bowles11/07/201211/07/2012
Getting to Know the ExpertsYesKristen K. Bowles11/08/201211/08/2012
Key Performance Indicators: Focusing on physician and patient engagementYesKristen K. Bowles03/01/201302/22/2013
SelectHealth Advantage Broker Certification - 2014YesKristen K. Bowles08/07/201307/12/2013