Your 5-Step Guide to Emotional Self-Care

Taking care of your emotional health doesn’t have to be difficult.

Self care infographic with 5 steps illustrating how to take care of yourself

Are you more of a caregiver than a self-caregiver? If so, you might benefit from taking a breather to check in with your own emotional needs. Here is a simple guide to all things self-care:

Be honest with yourself

Look inside yourself. Are there emotions you’ve been pushing down? Instead of holding on to them, grab your journal and write down what is causing these emotions to uncover triggers.1

Do something you enjoy

If you’re feeling drained, set aside some time to indulge in one of your favorite pastimes each week—whether it’s taking a walk outside, visiting your best friend, or even sitting in a bubble bath.

Set boundaries

You can set boundaries around all areas of your life that aren’t serving you well. It’s important to clearly (and kindly) communicate with the people in your life about what you will or will not tolerate.2

Move your body

Exercise is a game changer when it comes to mental health. It doesn’t need to include running or pull-ups. Walking or even rollerblading for 20 minutes is enough to reap the benefits of exercising like reducing anxiety, improving memory, and boosting energy.3

Talk to a professional

There is no need to be afraid of therapy or counseling. In fact, if you are a chronically struggling with prioritizing your emotional health, a professional may be able to help you.

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