Getting Kids Active Starts Online

Select Health has a new school-based physical activity initiative that equips teachers with turnkey lesson plans for PE and provides students with a motivational online experience.

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Physical activity is a main component of your child’s education and promotes a healthy, active lifestyle from an early age. The CDC recommends children between the ages of six and 17 get an hour’s worth of exercise each day.

The average child spends over seven hours in front of a screen every day. It is easy to notice that physical activity has been placed on the backburner and not given the time it deserves.

There are many benefits of physical activity from maintaining a healthy weight to improving your mood. Physical activity should be a critical part of your child’s day, even while they are at school or learning from home.

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Enter B3: Brain Body Boost, our new physical activity initiative for Utah teachers. The initiative is aligned with our company’s mission of Helping People Live the Healthiest Lives Possible and is designed to encourage healthier students, teachers, and communities.

Helping Teachers Help Students

B3 delivers complete online lesson plans at a click of a button, providing teachers with easy activities for their students to complete. Lesson plans are mapped to Utah’s health education requirements and the six health strands of the Utah Health Education Curriculum.

The best part of B3? It is free and teachers can earn classroom and school supplies while students compete for the highest score and grand prizes.

To learn more about the Select Health B3 program, visit or contact us at, and check out our latest announcement on KSL News.

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