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9 Superfoods for Healthier Digestion

Does your body’s digestive system know what it’s missing?

Superfoods that can help with digestion

Wouldn’t you agree the human body is a fascinating creation? Bodies are detailed, intricate, and capable of doing so many cool things. But what’s interesting is taking a dive below the skin’s surface to see how the body operates.

One of the most important systems within our bodies that sustains all human life is the digestive system. Made up of your gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas, and gallbladder, your body’s digestive system purpose is to digest food and liquids that you consume through the day.

To function properly and stay healthy, your body relies on the nutrients, vitamins, proteins, etc. found in the foods and liquids you consume. This makes the digestive system highly important. As such, the foods you eat are critical to ensuring you have healthy digestion.

So, what foods and drinks are actually good for your body’s digestion? Without further ado, here are nine superfoods and beverages that will help improve your digestion.


Everyone knows apples are a healthy alternative when feeling snacky. Next time you’re craving a sweet treat, eat an apple with its skin included. Not only will it hold you over until your next meal, it will help your digestive system function smoothly.


Avocado is more than just a favorite topping on toast. It actually comes loaded with fiber and potassium. Your digestive system will thank you for adding it into your diet.

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Black beans

Incorporate more black beans into your diet for a healthy digestive tract. These guys also prevent constipation and supply your colon with plenty of healthy bacteria.


The spice that keeps on giving! Ginger not only helps reduce motion sickness and muscle pains, it also increases movement through your digestive system.


This yogurt-like fermented drink has many antibacterial properties and can help aid many digestive problems. Kefir can also help you manage your weight and improve your mental health.


This drink is trendy for a reason. Kombucha supports your body’s healthy digestion thanks to its high levels of probiotics, amino acids, and enzymes. It’s also packed with antioxidants. So, what’s not to like?

Leafy green vegetables

Remember your parents telling you to eat your vegetables? Whether you like it or not, they were onto something! Leafy green vegetables, like spinach or kale, have plenty of vitamins and nutrients that support healthy digestion.

Whole grain foods
When given the choice of white or wheat bread or white or brown rice, pick the whole grain option. Whole grains are packed with fiber and nutrients your body needs for proper digestion.

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Whether you love it or hate it, yogurt is one of the best superfoods that supports your body’s digestive system. Don’t skip over it at the grocery store this weekend. Find a flavor you enjoy to get the digestive benefits from regularly consuming yogurt.

Although a probiotic supplement could help your body’s digestive system, find new foods and beverages to add in your fridge and pantry that will keep your body healthy and operating in top shape.

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