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How Our Mission Differentiates Us from Our Competitors

Here’s a look at how our mission helps our products differ from our competitors, how we educate consumers about their plan options, and how our team is involved in local communities.

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Growing up, my family and I would frequently help two widows who lived in my neighborhood. We’d repair their roofs, mow their lawns, prepare their gardens for planting, and help them wrap presents at Christmas. We loved helping them with anything they needed.

When I first heard about a job opportunity at SelectHealth in Medicare Advantage sales, I was interested because of the organization’s shared mission with Intermountain Healthcare to help people live healthier lives. In fact, this joint mission was a major factor in my decision to make a career change. 

How we differ

My work at SelectHealth frequently illustrates how our business approach is different—mainly because our conversations are focused on the best interest of our members. We demonstrate our values by making the total health of our members our top priority—not just physical health, but also emotional, behavioral, mental, and financial.

When a consumer is looking for a service or product, they want to choose a business that will be there when they need it. This is especially true when choosing a health plan. While working in the Medicare department, there have been several instances when we’ve enhanced the way we cover certain services and procedures so that members could receive the care they need without being burdened with the associated costs.

The majority of my work is focused on helping people choose a Medicare plan, but we offer a wide variety of health plans for people in all phases of life. It’s our intent to cover a member in many different circumstances for the span of his or her lifetime: a newborn on a family plan, a self-employed person on an Individual plan, an individual or family on an employer-sponsored plan, and an individual on a Medicaid or Medicare plan, if eligible.

How we educate consumers

Interpreting insurance, especially a Medicare Advantage product, isn’t easy. It’s important for people to understand the medical coverage, the network, and the pharmacy coverage. We work to help make the transition to Medicare a positive experience for individuals, despite the complicated regulations that exist.

Our goal is to make a complicated process less complicated. Our direct mail communications, along with outbound phone calls, are a chance to inform consumers about the benefits of our products and services. We help potential members by educating them about their options. And when it’s time to choose a health plan, our staff is available to help over the phone, online, and in person.

We also work with appointed insurance agents in Utah, Idaho, and Nevada. We empower these agents with information about our plans to help consumers choose the right one for them. We educate consumers about their options and can provide cost comparisons with similar plans. We want consumers to make an informed decision, even if that means they don’t choose us because we truly want people to find the plan that works best for them.

We’re privileged to serve the senior population. We’re helping them make a decision about healthcare coverage at a fragile time in their lives—a process that can be quite complicated for many, regardless of age. It’s my hope that we treat Medicare members as we would our own parents or grandparents. These members have spent their lifetime paying into a system that can now benefit them, and it’s our opportunity to help them get the most out of that benefit.

How we serve the community

As part of our ongoing community stewardship efforts, we participate in several activities each year at a nearby recreation center for seniors. Every November, our team goes to the center to serve a Thanksgiving dinner to 250 people who attend the senior center or volunteer there. We also work at their summer brunch activity—setting up, taking food orders, and cleaning up at the end of the event. We look forward to these activities every year because it’s our chance to give back and serve people in our community.

About two years ago, our team was working at a televised “Ask the Expert” event at a local news station in Utah. Our sales team was there to educate viewers about our health plan, answer questions from viewers, and answer phone calls during the segment. I happened to answer one notable phone call that day—one that will always stand out to me. A man called and said that he couldn’t afford his medication; he’d gotten to the point where he had to choose between buying food or medicine because he couldn’t afford both.

Fortunately, we were aware of some community tools and resources available for his situation, so we were able to refer him to a low-income subsidy program and get him assistance through the state Medicaid program. That particular phone call left quite an impression on me because it wasn’t just a question from a viewer, it was the beginning of a friendship. We still regularly keep in touch with one another via text or phone call (however a member asks to be contacted). It’s given me a unique opportunity to help another “neighbor” just like I did while growing up.

It’s that kind of trust and relationship we hope to establish with all our members. And it’s just one of many examples of how we’re a mission-driven organization with the focus of Helping People Live the Healthiest Lives Possible. As an organization, we make the choice to honor our commitments, and we’ll be here when you need us.

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