Why I Love DIY Crafts

Today’s DIY crafts are downright cool, and can be a lot of fun or even relieve stress. Plus, your friends will love you even more when they get gifts, handcrafted by you.

DIY projects are fun, why I love them

If you grew up in the 1990s/early 2000s, you’re probably still recovering from the scrapbooking craze that turned decorative paper and photos into artwork. That phase—along with others like macramé and knitting everything—may have given crafting a slightly lackluster reputation.

Luckily, the term “crafting” has been replaced with sleeker marketing terms like “artisanal” and “bespoke,” but a semantic shift can’t disguise what’s really going on: Crafting is making stuff from scratch. And crafting these days looks much different than it did just ten years ago, which means it deserves a second look.

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I love crafting because it makes me feel talented and creative, even though I stick to easy crafts that don’t require much skill. Here’s a short introduction to some of my favorite crafts that are definitely worth trying:

Gorgeous Giftwrapping

Remember how I said crafting doesn’t require skill? Giftwrapping is a good example. It’s just a matter of using your imagination and getting creative (and going on Pinterest for ideas, of course). But really—there’s nothing more satisfying than giving a present that’s been thoughtfully wrapped. It’s like two gifts in one, and even if you only spent $5 on the gift inside, the recipient will feel extra loved.

diy projects are fun, heart photo transfers

Photo transfers

The internet changed the world of crafting, but so did Mod Podge photo transfer medium and photo transfer paper. You can transfer photos onto just about anything now, which means everything can be personalized and unique, from T-shirts to candles. One of my favorite projects was buying a pair of cheap white canvas shoes and, using the Mod Podge method, transferring some old Alice in Wonderland illustrations onto them. No one else in the world had shoes like them. Again, go check out Pinterest for inspiration:

why diy projects are fun, photo transfers

Bath Bombs

It’d be hard to find someone who loves bath bombs more than I do. But if you buy them in a store, they’re upwards of $6 each, and I can’t justify spending that much money on a fancy bath. However, I can justify spending roughly $10 on a bunch of materials to make my own. They also make the greatest birthday presents. There’s no cooking required, I promise. And if you don’t want to buy special bath bomb molds, you can use plastic Easter eggs or anything else you have around the house.

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Try this homemade recipe for an uplifting lemon vanilla scent, or soothe tired muscles with this one that includes peppermint oil, or prepare for bedtime with this one that includes the relaxing scent of lavender and oatmeal.

Inspired yet? Crafting is good for your brain and gives you something productive to do while you watch television. For me, it gives each day new meaning, and it also makes me feel great surprising people with gifts I’ve made. Crafting is easy, fun, and immensely satisfying. Go for it!

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