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Is Your Organization Keeping Utah Healthy? Apply for Our Award

Each year, we recognize 20 organizations that are making a healthy difference in Utah to help support their missions.

Woman working on a child's teeth SelectHealth Awards

SelectHealth is excited to help those who are helping others. This year, we’re recognizing 20 organizations in the state of Utah that are making a healthy difference in our communities. This award supports organizations that:

• Promote health and wellness
• Assist individuals with special needs
• Create safe environments
• Build strong communities
• Support the underserved

The award includes $3,000 and a marketing package worth over $20,000 (e.g., video, photos, promotional items).
If you or someone you know is working to promote health and well-being, apply for the award by visiting selecthealthawards.org. We’re accepting applications for the 2020 SelectHealth Awards from January 1 to February 29, 2020.

Since this program was first introduced in 2008, a wide range of organizations have received the award. Last year’s winners represented a variety of causes including free meals for children, physical activity programs, crisis support, and free medical services.

Here’s a look at a few of our past winners:

Fourth Street Clinic
Helping homeless Utahns improve their health and quality of life by providing high-quality health care and support services.

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The award funds were used to launch their “Men’s Health Day” that offers a day of health education, screenings, community resources, and basic vision and dental services to men who are experiencing homelessness.

Holding Out Help
They assist those from polygamous backgrounds with resources to meet their physical, emotional, and educational needs. The award funds were used for counseling fees to help those in need.

Lone Peak Fire District
They provide fire, rescue, and emergency medical services to the cities of Alpine and Highland. The award funds were used to build trauma kits for potential mass casualty incidents in schools.

Murray School District Mentoring Program
They empower youth to feel supported by allowing them to express themselves and feel comfortable with real-life difficulties. The funds were used for food, clothing, and activities the youth want to participate in but cannot afford.

Smart Smiles
They are committed to developing program, products, and software that increase access to oral health care for students and children. The funds were used to provide dental care to 50 students in need.

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How do you give back in your community? Tell us on Facebook—we’d love to hear from you. And while you’re here, check out our other articles on healthy living.

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