Breaking 5 Myths about Being Vegan

Did you know? Eating vegan is actually pretty achievable.

Vegan food, myths about being vegan

There are so many stereotypes and misconceptions about veganism that shuffle around social media and the office. If you’re curious about the diet or just want to know more, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five myths about veganism that might just get you thinking about changing your lifestyle.

Myth 1: Being vegan is expensive

Yes, prepackaged foods can sometimes seem a bit pricey, vegan or not. But, when you consider that vegans don’t eat meat—one of the priciest grocery items—you might see savings from not having that on your list. Also, the basic staples of a vegan diet—whole grains, rice, legumes, veggies, and fruit are almost always affordable. All in all, a vegan diet can be very budget-friendly.

Myth 2: You don’t get enough protein when you’re vegan

Vegans get a whole load of plant-based protein from oats, quinoa, beans, spinach, tofu, lentils, broccoli, nuts, seeds, and more. Protein is the so-called “building block of life” that keeps you full longer, gives you energy, and helps you build muscle. And a vegan diet provides enough for your body to use.

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Myth 3: Being vegan is restrictive

For most people, it may seem restrictive to forego all animal products, including meat, cheese, eggs, and fish. Instead of focusing on what you can’t have, focus on what you can eat—you may be surprised at the variety that veganism has to offer. In fact, veganism can open your mind to so many more food options and possibilities, which could include trying new flavors, spices, and cooking methods. (Also, another myth is that vegans can’t go out to eat with friends, but it is possible.) The Food Monster app is a great resource for vegan, meatless, and dairy-free recipes.

Myth 4: There are no health benefits to veganism

Veganism and other plant-based diets are known to lower risks for chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. A vegan diet can also help you maintain a healthy weight and lower your cholesterol. Myth busted.

Myth 5: Being vegan is too hard

Making a lifestyle change and getting into the habit of anything new can be a bit of a challenge. But once you stick with the plan, a vegan diet can become second nature to you. Many of your favorite foods have flavorful vegan substitutions, just do your research. There are a whole bunch of resources to jumpstart your vegan lifestyle. And the more you learn about veganism (or about any subject, really) the easier it is to navigate and keep moving forward.

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