Stop Making Excuses and Get Fit

Many times, you’re the only one holding yourself back from getting fit. Excuses followed by more excuses will prevent you from being healthy.

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Many times, you’re the only one holding yourself back from getting fit. Excuses followed by more excuses will prevent you from being healthy.

Here’s how to stop talking yourself out of it and just get fit:

Take ownership

You can’t make progress unless you take full ownership of your life. Decide now to make real progress toward your fitness goals. One of the ways to be more accountable is by writing down goals and action steps to achieve those goals. Record your fitness goals down to make them more tangible and real. With your action steps, you’ll have a plan. Having a plan will increase your accountability and will help you stay focused on your goals. Being in the right mindset from the start will help you stop making excuses and start creating reasons for you to get in physical shape.

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Plan your meals

When you meal prep, you will not only eat healthier, but you’ll also be able to save money since you’re no longer stopping to grab fast food or buying impulse items at the grocery store. Plan meals for the week that use similar ingredients—for example, choose two meals that have the same protein or veggie in the recipe. Making three meals that require chicken breast will be easier to manage than five individual meals that use different types of protein. Be willing to test out different recipes. Don’t feel like you need to keep using the same recipe if you hate it!

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Try out different activities/sports

Try different forms of physical activity to figure out what best suits your personality and lifestyle. This might mean you’ll end up trying karate classes, rock climbing, and aerobic dance before learning that you’ve loved karate all along.

You might find that you prefer a combination of things, like rollerblading and weightlifting in one week. You’re in control of your own workout plan, so choose the forms of exercise that make you happy and keep you motivated. Workout with friends You’ll get more out of your workouts when you do them with friends. You’re also more likely to stick to your fitness goals when you have other people counting on you. It’s easier to leave your house when you have friends meeting up with you at the gym or wherever you choose to work out. You might also increase your chances of learning new techniques and routines. Sometimes your friends will be the ones to help you lose that extra pound or two or recover from injury faster than you would on your own.

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