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Pomegranate Grapefruit Salad

A little effort will go a long way with this beautiful yet simple arugula and grapefruit salad—topped with a homemade pomegranate dressing.

Pomegranate Grapefruit salad recipe


Total time: 10 minutes

Makes 4 servings



4 cups arugula

4 cups baby spinach

1 shallot, thinly sliced

2 grapefruit or blood oranges

1 pomegranate, arils removed

Pomegranate vinaigrette


1. Add greens and shallots to a large bowl.

2. Remove flesh from orange or grapefruit by slicing skin from top to bottom of fruit to fully expose the flesh. Slice away remaining skin to expose the flesh. Cut the wedges out from each section and add to salad.

3. Sprinkle salad with pomegranate seeds to taste.

4. Toss salad with pomegranate vinaigrette and freshly ground pepper.

5. Divide the salad among individual plates, distributing the orange sections evenly. Garnish with remaining pomegranate seeds, if desired.

6. Serve immediately.

Nutrition Facts: Calories: 280; Carbohydrates: 24g; Protein: 4 g; Saturated Fat: 3.9 g; Sugars: 19 g; Dietary fiber: 4 g; Sodium: 433 mg

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Reference: “Pomegranate Orange Green Salad.” Self Proclaimed Foodie, 2016. Web. 27 Aug. 2019. <https://selfproclaimedfoodie.com/arugula-orange-pomegranate-salad/

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