Why I Love Pilates

Why I fell in love with Pilates—longer, leaner muscles just to name a few.

Woman doing Pilates, what are the benefits

Exercise has always been a big part of who I am. It is a great stress relief and I love giving myself a good challenge. Many years ago, I tried a free Pilates class and left thinking, "I want Pilates to be part of my life forever." Why? Here are a few reasons I love Pilates:

Every session is a full-body workout

Have you ever heard of your body’s “powerhouse?” In Pilates, it is used to refer to the abdominals, pelvic floor, and back (also referred to as “corset muscles”), which make up about 70% of the muscles in your body. In Pilates, you focus on engaging your powerhouse muscles no matter what movement you’re doing. By using these muscles, you’re putting your body in proper alignment to correct or avoid any injuries. 

Pilates is for everybody

Are you pregnant, have a bad back or bad knees? What about asthma or chronic pain?  Joseph Pilates, the creator of Pilates, was frequently sick as a young boy and wanted to overcome his many challenges. When he was working in rehabilitation with WWII vets, he used breathing techniques and resistance training to bring the veterans back to strength.  Little did he know, he was creating the foundation of what we now know as Pilates.

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Pilates helps you excel in other areas of fitness

Do you have a passion for dance, tennis, or any other form of physical activity? Pilates has shown to improve performance for athletes in various sports. When I started Pilates, I didn’t want to give up running or weight lifting, but the good news was, I didn’t have to. Pilates was there to help support me in those activities and make me perform better. It’s even improved my posture while sitting at a desk while working.    

You will always have a challenge

With the correct instructor and mindset, you won’t get bored with repetition in Pilates. Even once you have mastered the fundamentals of Pilates and are working on more advanced practices, you will always be able to go back and feel challenged even in a beginner classes. 

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You will find length, strength, and increased flexibility  

In that first Pilates class I took, I found I had the strength to do most movements, but sometimes lacked in flexibility and balance to get into a full range of motion in others. After a few months of practicing, most people notice a difference in flexibility, balance, and coordination. Along with muscles being strengthened and lengthened, Pilates can strengthen and focus on stabilizing muscles that regular forms of exercise typically wouldn’t. This allows your muscles to become long and lean. What more could you ask for in a workout?  

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