What’s My Impossible? Owning My Own Home

Think you’ll never have enough money or be stable enough to own a house? Think again. You can totally own your own place if you just get rid of one very important barrier.

Handing over the keys to a new homeowner

Growing up, I believed that adults acquired homes as easily as I acquired candy bars. Then, when I was in my 20s, that mindset shifted, and I believed the only people who owned homes were either heiresses or oil tycoons. I figured I’d eventually get married and, with two incomes, I might be able to afford a house with my husband. When the husband never materialized, I decided to do the impossible—buy a house on my own.

The first step: saving money

I set aside money out of each paycheck for a down payment. That seemed easy enough, but it wasn’t because…well, targeted internet ads are a struggle. Nevertheless, I set aside $200 from every paycheck, even when I really wanted to buy new shoes.

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Next, I met with a lender

I was able to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. For some reason, I was convinced the mortgage lender would tell me to leave her office after seeing my finances, but she was kind and pre-approved me for a decent-sized loan.

Finally, I changed my thought process

I realized there was still something holding me back—a feeling that trailed me throughout the entire home-buying process. Whenever my realtor took me to a home—no matter how modest—a voice in my head told me I didn’t deserve it. After six months of home shopping, I realized that I wasn’t finding the right home because I didn’t believe I was worthy of owning one.

After I made that realization, my approach to house shopping changed. Whenever the voice telling me I wasn’t worthy of a home started speaking, I made myself think, “I’m worthy of a home and I’m going to find the perfect house for me.” Eventually, I was able to drown out the doubt and that’s when I found the perfect place for me.

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After years of saving, seven months of searching, and a stressful signing process, I was given the keys to my new place. I’m now a homeowner and I did it by myself. I’m also proud to say that I deserve my home. And you deserve one, too. Opening the door to my new home every day feels like I’ve accomplished my biggest goal—and that’s worth overcoming my self-doubts.

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