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4 Ways to Develop Good Eating Habits

Eating better doesn’t have to mean spending your weekends meal prepping—become a healthier eater with these four tips.


While it can seem intimidating, healthy habits aren’t as difficult as they may seem. We’ve all heard that it takes two weeks or more to create and build a habit. Even though it’s challenging at first, what seems impossible can become possible with commitment. Start with these basics to encourage a healthier lifestyle:


1. Remember portion size

The label on the back of packaging or on a menu at a restaurant is key to determining the portion size you should consume. Most people don’t realize they’re consuming two or even three times the recommended portion, because of how small a portion size actually is.  

But if you change your focus to eating healthier, less-processed food, you’ll likely feel more satisfied after a meal because you’ll be consuming key nutrients—even if it’s a smaller portion than you’re used to.  

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2. Drinks have calories, too

With soda and coffee chains on every corner, it can be easy to drive through and satisfy a craving for a few dollars. But, each drink can have upwards of 1,000 calories, or for most of us, about half of your daily caloric intake. And that could mean that you’ve had half your calories for the day without getting any real nutrients, vitamins, or minerals. Make high-calorie drinks an occasional treat, or choose low-fat or sugar-free options, and you’ll able to satisfy cravings without breaking the metaphoric calorie bank.

3. Get vitamins and minerals from food, not supplements

While it may seem easier to take a daily multivitamin and then proceed to eat whatever you want, this is not the same as getting vitamins through real foods. Most vitamins require energy and nutrients from food to be effectively absorbed in the body, so without a healthy diet to accompany them, vitamins may not be not absorbed to their full potential. Focus on incorporating a variety of whole foods that provide vitamins and minerals and you might be surprised on how many healthy options you’ll have to choose from.   

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4. Enjoy your food

Food is a pleasure in life, and it’s okay to enjoy it! Find foods you love, try new recipes, and be adventurous. Learn about the vitamins and minerals your body needs and be creative in planning meals that work best for you. Everyone is different—we all have different schedules, goals, likes, and dietary needs. Get to know your body and your tastes, and work with that to find foods that you love and that love you back. When you love what you’re eating, it becomes easier to find healthy options and solutions that work for you.  

What’s your favorite healthy habit? Tweet us—we’d love to hear from you. And while you’re here, check out our other articles on healthy eating.


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