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5 Ways to Heat Your Home and Still Save Money

Heating your home through cold winters can be expensive, but there are ways you can ensure that you are not paying more than necessary.

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You don’t have to use your holiday bonus to pay for your heat bills. Use these tips to help keep your home warm and cost effective this winter.


1. Redecorate with a rug and drapes (or two)

Floors can be a quick escape route for heat, especially hardwood and tile surfaces. By adding a rug, you are adding insulation to the floors to help trap heat. Remove any light summer linens and replace with heavier fabrics, especially around windows to further help your home insulation.

2. Turn down the heat at night

While walking around your home during the day, having the heat on is necessary. But, at night, bundle up in some blankets and warm slippers and turn the temperature down a few degrees. This makes for a perfect night to cuddle up, and you’ll be happy to know you’re saving money while you do it.

3. Cook some good food

When you use the stove, oven, and other appliances, they tend to warm up your home. Do your baking either earlier in the morning to warm up your house, or before you go to sleep so your home can be warm without having to crank up the heat. Bake for your neighbors or put dinner in the oven and feel your home warm up.  

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4. Keep the doors (and windows) closed

This seems simple, but kids running in and out to play in the snow can lead to a drafty home! Keep the doors closed unless necessary, and make sure any pet doors are closed completely. This way you can keep the draft out and keep the heat in.

5. Host a holiday party

More bodies, more heat! Invite friends and family over for a holiday soiree and white elephant gift exchange. Turn the heat down a few degrees a few hours before your guests arrive. By the end of the night, everyone will be toasty warm and no extra heat was necessary. Talk about a win-win.  

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Heating bills can be expensive, but with careful planning you can avoid spending extra money each month.  

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