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How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions All Year Long

You might have been excited to set goals in January, but now you find yourself in a rut. Here’s how to maintain your motivation year-round.

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It’s officially spring now, which means that if you’ve lapsed in your New Year’s health resolutions in the past month or two, it’s time to dust them off and revisit them.

And if you need a little extra motivation, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few simple things that can help you get back on track.

Identify what’s blocking your goal

What’s the real issue? Time? Motivation? Kids? Discouragement from a goal that’s too big to reach? There are a million reasons a goal gets dropped. Getting back on track won’t last long if you don’t address what’s holding you back.

Be completely honest with yourself and figure out what it is. Once you’ve identified your obstacles, create reasonable solutions on how you’ll overcome the obstacle standing in the way of your goal.

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Focus on the outcome 

Why did you set the goal in the first place? When you wake up early to exercise, it’s much more motivational to remind yourself that you want to be happier and to feel healthy—as opposed to just because you set a goal to exercise five times a week.

Focus on the great perks to your health that come from exercising, practicing portion control, and eating more whole foods—not just the goal.   

Find an accountability buddy

Find someone to either hold you accountable or exercise/eat healthier with you. It can be a little uncomfortable to do this, but that’s the point. When you make yourself accountable to someone, you’re less likely to skip out on an exercise, because it isn’t easy when you have to make an excuse.

Use nature to your advantage

The long months of winter tend to be brutal to our exercise habits. Getting outside in the snow and dark is uncomfortable for most of us. But fortunately, this is no longer an excuse. The nights are longer and you don’t have to wear several layers to brave the elements.

Start with the easy things

If simple motivation is what’s holding you back, tell yourself you’ll start by doing something easier and go from there. For example, if running sounds miserable to you, put on your running shoes and start out with just a walk. Let yourself enjoy it. If you want to keep it just at a walk, walk the same distance you would have run. And if you decide along the way you’re ready to run, go for it! Either way, you got outside and exercised.

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There’s an app for everything

And finally, when all else fails, technology can help support you in basically anything these days. Download a food tracker if you’re trying to eat healthier. Test out a running app to give you motivation along the way. Check out a book on tape or become obsessed with a great podcast to listen to make your workout a lot more interesting.

Whatever you do choose, just try doing one little thing better today than you did yesterday. Even little changes can make big differences, and with those little changes you’re one step closer to meeting those New Year’s Goals.  


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