Ways to Save 100 Calories Per Day

You don’t have to have an extreme calorie deficit every day to lose weight—in fact, that will probably do more harm than good. Here’s how to take a baby step toward healthy weight loss by cutting 100 calories per day out of your diet.

Shave 100 calories a day, apple, tape measure and water

How can any of us hope to lose weight the healthy way when a slice of pie is so much more fun than spending an hour on the elliptical machine?  Don’t despair: By cutting just 100 calories out of your diet each day, you’ll still make a great step toward weight loss and you won’t have to make a major lifestyle adjustment.

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In fact, losing 100 calories each day is much easier than you may think. Here are some super easy ways to start:

Swap for Stevia

If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, you probably put 2-3 packets of sugar in your cup twice a day. Each sugar packet has 15 calories, so if you swap those packets out of for Stevia, you’ve just saved yourself 100 calories.

Say no to the whipped cream

This one is tough because whipped cream is just that good. Still, each time you say no to the whip on your latte, you’re saving 60 calories. If you get two lattes per day and neither has whipped cream, you’ve just saved 120 calories. High five!

See ya, soda

Swap out that sweet carbonated goodness for some refreshing water and you’ve just kept 140 calories out of your body.

Ditch the chips

Mexican food is certainly delicious, but if you go out to a Mexican restaurant, have the waiter hold off on the chips. Just nine chips have over 100 calories.

Take the stairs

No insult to elevators, but stairs burn way more calories. Taking the stairs for ten minutes burns about 100 calories, and you can tell your coworkers you’re training for a marathon.

Swap your desserts

Yes, we know your bucket list includes diving into a cheesecake-filled pool, but for the moment, you may want to swap out that cheesecake for an apple. A slice of cheesecake is about 257 calories and an apple is only about 52. Going with fruit instead of your normal dessert will almost always save you loads of calories (plus, fruit is delicious!).

Omit the cheese

The next time you go out for a burger, say no to cheese. You’ll still have that delicious burger, but you will have saved 100 calories on a slice of American cheese. Way to go!  

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There you have it: 7 ways to cut out at least 100 calories. Talk about a piece of cake—er, we mean a bite of apple.


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